By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

OSLO, Norway, June 12, 2008 ( – Norway has become the sixth country in the world to give homosexuals the legal right to “marry,” with all the benefits previously given only to heterosexual couples. The new “marriage” law also allows homosexuals to adopt children and permits lesbians to be artificially inseminated.

Norwegian television reported that Labour party member Gunn Karin Gjul said, “This decision is of an importance comparable to universal suffrage and our law on parity.”

Norway began allowing same-sex civil unions in the 1990s and since then its heterosexual-marriage rates have plummeted and its out-of-wedlock birthrate skyrocketed to 80 percent for firstborn children; but the provision allowing homosexuals to adopt children is of gravest concern.

In 2006, Ireland’s highest court rejected a lesbian couple’s demand to have their Canadian “marriage” recognized in Ireland, citing harm to children as one of the determining factors in the ruling.

Justice Elizabeth Dunne expressed concern about the effect of same-sex marriage on children, saying the lack of conclusive research into the results of homosexual parenting made it necessary to reserve judgment on the issue.

“There is simply not enough evidence from the research done to date that could allow firm conclusions to be drawn as to the consequences of same sex marriage particularly in the area of the welfare of children.”

An interview by Zenit news service with Dale O’Leary, a writer and researcher for the Catholic Medical Association discussed the dangers of same-sex couples adopting children.

O’Leary explained that “a same-sex couple has, by definition, two persons at high risk for psychological disorders. The studies published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that persons self-identified as homosexual in comparison to the general public had almost double the rate of suicidal ideation or attempts, substance abuse problems and psychological disorders. One of the studies found that 78.6% of the gay, lesbian or bisexual group suffered from multiple disorders.”

“And there are other problems: Domestic violence is more common among same-sex couples. Men with same-sex attractions are more likely to become infected with a STD, including HIV, hepatitis or HPV, which can lead to cancer. Thus, several studies suggest that 50% of men who have sex with men will become HIV positive before age 50.”

Addressing the emotional damage and fragility already present in children put up for adoption, O’Leary said, “Adoption by a happily, faithfully married husband and wife provides a healing environment for the child who has been surrendered by his or her biological parents. The faithful committed love of the father for his wife and children teaches the adoptive child that all men do not walk away from their responsibilities to their children.”

“Because children surrendered for adoption have already suffered one major loss, it is very important that they be placed in the most stable situation possible. Same-sex couples are the least stable arrangement.

“Because of this, a child placed with a same-sex couple is at greater risk for a second major loss during childhood. The research on the effects of divorce on children is clear and unequivocal-divorce is profoundly damaging. The damage is necessarily greater for the adoptive child.”

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