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PETITION: Norwegian Post must pull ad suggesting sex between postman and Virgin Mary. Sign the petition here.

NORWAY, December 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A new commercial for the Christmas season produced by the Norwegian Postal Service, Posten Norge, suggests that Christ's conception in the Virgin Mary's womb was not miraculous, and that He was really the mailman’s son.  

The ad which the Postal Service said is meant to “create awareness about Posten in a warm, humorous and surprising way,” is incredibly offensive to Christians as it not only denies Jesus’ divinity and the Virgin Birth, it implies that Mary was unfaithful to Joseph, willingly having sex with any man who knocked on her door. (The ad can be viewed here.)

In the commercial spot, after the postman makes his rounds he sets out to deliver a scroll sent by Emperor Augustus to Joseph and Mary ordering them to return to their hometown to register in the census.

As the postman bends down to deposit the scroll in a pot in front of the house, Mary opens the door.  Their eyes meet, and Mary is shown to be smitten with the blond-haired mailman. 

Nine months later, we see Mary and Joseph in a stable. Brown-haired Joseph looks lovingly at Mary and Jesus, who is shown to have blond hair just like the mailman’s. 

“Well, maybe that’s not quite how it happened in those days,” says a narrator.

“But whatever the story,” continues the narrator, “the postman has always been an important part of Christmas.”

A version of the video posted on Twitter has generated intense backlash from Christians on the platform.

Deacon Nick Donnelly wrote that Norway's postal service, has made a “blasphemous advert attacking the Virgin Birth.” 

Veiling Millenial noted on Twitter that Jesus was depicted in the commercial as a “bastardized child,” and pointed out just how many people were responsible for the content of the ad. 

“It should be very clear by now that the enthronement of sexual promiscuity as an ultimate idol necessarily hates virtue, innocence and self sacrifice,” Tweeted Avelonia.

“I am fine at laughing at jokes even when poking fun at my religion, I’ll even give pause for irreverent/ provocative art,” said Cathleen on Twitter. 

“This is not edgy nor funny. It serves no purpose but to insinuate Mary was some kind of slut,” she continued.  “So Posten Norge just insulted my Mother.”

“It's not just that communist group from Brazil which Netflix portrayed Jesus as gay that uses the Christmas holiday to attack Christianity,” said Based Poland, who pointed to a “full frontal attack across the West.”

On Sunday, amid the outcry over the offensive Netflix video, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas issued a Call to Faithful Catholics via social media. “Stay strong in the Divinely Revealed Truth that the Deposit of Faith expresses,” said Bishop Strickland on the third Sunday of Advent. 

“Satan, the father of lies SEEMS to be winning but that has happened before (remember God’s Son on the Cross),” he continued.  “Evil has its day but Truth Prevails. Gaudete In Christ!”

PETITION: Norwegian Post must pull ad suggesting sex between postman and Virgin Mary. Sign the petition here.