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March 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Describing his conversion from a life of flamboyant “sodomy” to his resolution of living holy chastity — with the help of St. Joseph — Milo Yiannopoulos said his decision in that regard was “not easy, but simple,” and he expounded upon his new mission to help other homosexuals become, like him, “ex-gay.”

Several years ago, Yiannopoulos made headlines as a modern-day enigma. While forcefully defending conservative principles, even railing against abortion and defending the Catholic faith on college campuses, he lived a very public and ostentatious homosexual lifestyle. 

Now, after doing what he calls “the most controversial thing I've ever done,” in coming out as “ex-gay” last week, he unpacked his conversion in a video interview with LifeSite’s John-Henry Weston.

“I think anybody who has been reading me for a long time will have seen this coming,” Milo said. “It was (in) 2015-16 that I was giving college speeches saying ‘Catholics are right about everything.’”

“I think anybody who lives with integrity, who believes what they say — and I do certainly aspire to that — at some point has to start walking the walk. And I have felt compelled in this direction for a long time. I have felt drawn. And when I made the decision, it was, as I said in an interview with you guys, not easy, but simple,” he said.

Milo explained the experience as not being “theatrical or explosive or dramatic — which may be a sign in itself that my homosexual impulses are receding — but rather (it) felt like an uncovering or an unsheathing or something … (like) a veil being drawn back on my household.”

“And, certainly, the water feels a little clearer and crisper this morning, if that makes sense,” he said.

Milo contrasted what he referred to as the “born this way propaganda” with his own experience of coming to understand the cause of his same-sex-attraction.

“It's taken me 36 (or) 37 years to begin to break free from what I now recognize to be the symptoms of the fallout from childhood experiences,” he said.

“And I think the central problem with trying to explain to (homosexual) people who have accepted the ‘born this way’ propaganda … is explaining to them how it can be that something that they feel is a natural part of them can in fact be a cluster of symptoms from childhood abuse or from childhood trauma … And I think when I really confronted myself with that reality, things began to happen quite quickly for me,” he said.

Though Milo conceded that he has “always sort of known” this was the genesis of his same-sex-attraction, he also described a sense in which it was part of his “superpowers” that helped him achieve positive ends. “I've always thought of myself as a kind of creature of darkness who fights for the light, if that makes sense,” he shared.

“But I reached a point with it where I could no longer do that, authentically. And I wasn't prepared to risk my immortal soul (over it),” he said.

Further, Milo realized that “something different was being called for now and something different was being expected” of him.

“Once I really confronted myself with that, it all sort of fell into place quite quickly … the path was obvious … There was no other way. So that's kind of what I mean by (it being) not easy, but simple,” he said.

Return to Mass and great joy

Milo also spoke of his return to attendance at Holy Mass along with the welcome and assistance he has gratefully received from the Catholic community.

“My church-going at the moment consists of sitting in the back thinking carefully and re-engaging in a light touch way,” he said. 

“I've managed to retain the services of a lot of influential, intelligent, helpful people who have been very anxious to assist and to talk to me, which I've been very grateful for,” he explained.

In addition, Milo described his experience of the Jesus Christ’s parable in Luke 15:7, where the Lord proclaims that there is more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than over 99 righteous persons. 

“I've received the most correspondence I think ever. And the great outpouring of people who have said, ‘I've been praying for this,’ has been in that awful phrase of American liberals, very humbling itself,” he said.

“To see bishops tweeting prayers for me has been a little shocking for me, I suppose, as somebody who wandered into homosexuality, I think initially out of feelings of not being good enough in the first place. It's been a particularly uncomfortable like, you know, it's made me squirm a little bit as somebody who does not feel as though they deserve that level of attention,” he said.

Conversion leading to mission

Milo acknowledged that his own experience of being abused as a child, along with the influence of parental dynamics, likely contributed to fostering same-sex attraction in him and others.

“There seems to be the two common factors … absent fathers or negative male role models, and overbearing mothers, plus some kind of traumatic psychosexual event. These two things seem to come together to produce this (inclination),” he said.

In addition to the childhood abuse he suffered, he confessed that his experience with his own mother “might be another component of my own etiology.”

With a background of homosexual reparative therapy being illegal in many places, Milo stated that he has benefited from a certain type of personal or spiritual counseling in this regard, and he plans to help others through promoting or providing similar support.

“I'm sure (it’s) no coincidence … that just as things are becoming clearer for me spiritually and personally, that things are becoming clearer for me professionally too,” he said. “Let's just say I intend to spend a large portion of the rest of my life on helping to provide that kind of assistance to others.”

Eschewing the value of “anything approaching therapy,” Milo clarified that “certainly the spiritual guidance of a good priest can help point you in the (right) direction.”

‘Born this way’ is not science but public relations

“For those of your readers and viewers who don't know, ‘born this way,’ what we might call the Gaga, the Lady Gaga doctrine of homosexuality is not science, it's public relations,” Milo explained.

“When you look back to the 80s and 90s, the religious right were describing homosexuality as a simple lifestyle choice,” he said. However, “the gay lobby” provided “a really clever response” by promoting the idea that same-sex attraction is “like being black or like being a woman. It's what you are, (and how) you're born.” Therefore, they strategized, “anybody who criticizes or seeks to help you out of this way of life is just a bigot. They're just a hateful bigot. They're basically the same as a racist.”

This strategy was “quite brilliant, and it worked,” Milo expounded. “The problem is that it's not true.”

Homosexual orientation ‘can be unraveled’

“What we know for sure is that people can be born with a variety of different predispositions. Some people are born with a heavy, strong predisposition towards homosexuality. Some people are born with none,” he said.

“And what we know for sure, scientifically and spiritually, is that (homosexual orientation results from) a mixture of nature and nurture,” Milo elucidated. “What we are on the verge of being sure of is that both the nature and the nurture are necessary conditions, which is to say, the element of sexual orientation, which is environmental, which is based on nature and not nurture, can be unraveled.”

Thus, “there's a scientific sound basis for reparative therapy when you understand — which is the scientific consensus — that sexual orientation is a mixture of nature and nurture and that these two things are both necessary conditions.”

“What does that mean? It means that the trauma that produced this set of symptoms that produced this behavior can be addressed. Can be, if you like, put to bed. And that even though somebody may have lifelong predispositions, they can at least not give in to them, and at best, even live a full life in the other direction,” Milo explained.

“I have discovered this by living it,” he said.

Striking ‘at the heart of the global-homo-establishment’

In proving through his own life that the disorder of same-sex attraction can be remedied with the help of spiritual and reparative assistance, and his burgeoning mission to assist others to find such healing as well, Milo exclaimed, “My next chapter … in many ways, makes me more terrifying and dangerous and powerful than ever before because it strikes straight at the heart of the global-homo-establishment.”

“And I'm pushing against an open door because as maligned and as ridiculed as reparative therapy is, the demand for it has never been greater. And especially among young men, especially among Gen Z … It's happening and it's coming, and I have a moral responsibility to be at the heart of it,” he concluded.


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