By Gudrun Schultz

TORONTO, Ontario, October 19, 2006 ( – Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Roy McMurtry, who was accused earlier this year of pro-homosexual bias on his same-sex marriage cases, has stepped forward to hear another potentially major precedent setting case brought forward by homosexual activists.

Three justices were originally assigned to take the case involving a lesbian woman’s claim for full parenting rights as a third legal parent for her partner’s child, the first of its kind in Canada. Chief Justice Roy McMurtry showed up as a replacement for one of the assigned justices on the day of the case hearing.

REAL Women of Canada, a women’s rights organization, filed a formal complaint against Justice McMurtry with the Canadian Judicial Council in July 2006, alleging judicial misconduct for his participation in a case that had potentially personal significance for the judge.

McMurtry’s 2003 decision on the Halpern case, which effectively overturned Canada’s traditional definition of marriage, was unduly influenced by his “personal and familial” interest in the case, REAL Women charged. The organization had learned that McMurtry’s daughter was in a lesbian live-in relationship with another woman.

Further, the organization charged McMurtry with deliberately selecting judges sympathetic to same-sex “marriage” to hear the case. Justice McMurtry, along with a group of other prominent Ontario judges, had close ties to the homosexual activist movement and were on a special guest list of dignitaries at a celebration during the 2003 Gay Pride week.

McMurtry was photographed along with several other judges at the party with Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell, the two principals in the Halpern case.

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