FOUNDATIONS OF WESTERN CULTURE ARE COLLAPSING “I hope that the tragedy of the Twin Towers will awaken the Western world. More than with Muslim fundamentalists, we should be concerned about the foundations of Western culture, which are collapsing. This has been reduced already more than anything else to a civilization that has put learning to one side. The word learning is closely linked to worship, namely, religion, and the West today does not have, and does not want, religion, revelation.” – Benedictine Father Stanley L. Jaki of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on scientific and educational learning

EMBRYO STEM CELL RESEARCH – “SOPHISTICATED CANNIBLISM”  One of the most prominent Argentinean scientists and bioethicists, Dominican Father Domingo Basso, has said that the recent announcement of human cloning performed by US-based Advanced Cell Technology is “mostly a triumphalistic farce.” Whatever the true scientific meaning of the project, Father Basso said that “its goal is quite clear: to open a legal door and public acceptance for a more sophisticated cannibalism.”

(Catholic World News)