London free Press Columnist Herman Gooden (Nov 29) on the problems with Canadian government:  “They take prayer out of our schools and gut the history and English curricula of any lingering traces of positive Judeo-Christian influence. They set up kangaroo-court human rights tribunals which unfailingly punish politicians and citizens who refuse to perjure their Christian conscience by promoting gay rights. They publicly fund a national TV network that mocks the religious tenets held by Stockwell Day, yet never questions the pro-abortion Catholicism of Jean Chretien or Joe Clark. They forbid clergy to mention Jesus Christ or offer Christian prayers at a memorial service following the Swissair crash off Peggy’s Cove. They hold a post-Sept. 11 “memorial event” on Parliament Hill that attracts 100,000 Canadians and again ban any expression of Christian faith. Just before Remembrance Day, they instruct military chaplains to not use the terms Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ in public prayers and services.”