CHUCK COLSON ON TERRORISM AND REPENTANCE Let’s say, hypothetically, that the (terrorist) attacks were God’s judgment. Not that he caused them – he doesn’t cause evil – but he may use such events for his purposes. What will then save us is not the Marines, cruise missiles, satellites, or smart bombs; the only thing that will save us is repentance and faith.

If I am correct in thinking God may be using these events to wake up America, we must face a sobering fact: We will not prevail against terrorism no matter how good our armed forces are. We will prevail only if God in his mercy decides to forgive us, heal our land, and give America another chance. BreakPoint with Charles Colson ;Commentary #010927 – 9/27/2001

JON DOUGERTY ON THE CLINTON LEGACY Besides the debacle of losing many of our nuclear weapons secrets to probable espionage, Clinton administration officials at various federal agencies – including the State Department, the FBI and the CIA – oversaw the loss of laptop computers containing critical information, the reduction of internal security procedures, the de-funding of security apparatuses, the reduction of overseas intelligence assets, and the sale of sensitive previously unattainable, communications and other high-technology gear to pariah states.

Just last week, WND Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry reported that the Clinton administration waived national security concerns to allow the sale of super-sophisticated communications equipment to Syria – a known state sponsor of terrorism. This gear cannot be monitored, even with U.S. technology.

LECH WALESA ON THE FAMILY   It is no coincidence that the family was among the first institutions undermined by the communists. Children were dumped into daycare centers, nursery schools after hours, families disintegrated, traditions disappeared. Because of financial hard times the large family became a thing of the past. One or two children became the norm. Couples with more than two kids were regarded as unprogressive. You can see why the Communists pushed for small families. It’s hard to brainwash parents of a large family with doctrinal absurdities. – as quoted by Dr. Donald DeMarco at a Witness Conference – Oct. 2, 2001

JOE CAMPBELL ON THE FAMILY   Advanced societies have been eroding family tax benefits for decades. In 1942 Canadians could deduct up to 75% of their weekly wages for all dependents. In 1950 this had fallen to 30% and by 1992 it had reached about 9%….On the one hand high taxes pressure mothers to enter the workforce to help meet the family’s financial needs. On the other hand subsidies and other initiatives induce mothers to put their children into daycare. As two income households proliferate, one income families find themselves at a serious disadvantage with substantially lower incomes. The single wage earners pay for their own child care at home while through their taxes they help the double earners pay for theirs in daycare. – as presented at Witness conference – Toronto, Oct. 2, 2001