November 7, 2009 ( – In the past few days Rogers has once again been placing LifeSiteNews daily emails into the online spam folders of its email customers. That would explain why many of you have not been receiving LSN emails over the past few days.

Unfortunately every now and then we go through this with Rogers which has an overly aggressive anti-spam filtering system.

To download the emails to your computer, if that is what you normally do, you must go to your online Rogers Yahoo account. Go to Then sign in using your email address and password.

Under Personal Assistent, click on Mail.

Click on the Spam folder on the left.

Find any LifesiteNews items that are in the list on the right and one by one highlight each one, right click and then select Not Spam. Once you have done that with all of them, the email system should remember that emails from LifeSiteNews are not spam and you will get them directly to your computer in box.