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After last weekend’s delay on upgrading our website, we are moving ahead tomorrow, July 31, with the scheduled update that will take our site to new levels of design, efficiency, and security.

As a reminder, this upgrade will impact your access to LifeSiteNews articles on Saturday, July 31. There will be times throughout the day that you might be unable to access our site to read articles or watch videos. Please rest assured that this is planned, and not the result of hacking attempts or censorship — in fact, these upgrades will help deter future attacks.

During the time our site is down, we encourage you to check out our Rumble channel for the latest LifeSiteNews videos! Please also join our Telegram group, if you’re not already part of it. It's a great place to comment on recent articles and start conversations with like-minded people.

Please keep the LifeSite team and technology in your prayers today and throughout the weekend!

We anticipate that by Monday, August 2, you’ll be able to experience this brighter, lighter, and fresher with no issues!