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UPDATE:  Sadly, our eagerly awaited site-wide upgrade has been tenatively postponed to NEXT Saturday, July 31st. A dramatic lightening strike fried the local Internet services needed for the equipment and connections necessary for the upgrade. That is something we did not expect nor could have planned for. We are told it will take a few days for the service to be restored.

You will be able to access all of our news and videos without issue this weekend. As stated above, we hope to complete the site-wide upgrade next weekend, but we will continue to communicate with you as things develop.

We would appreciate your prayers for the success of this project.


The LifeSiteNews Web Development Team is performing a site-wide upgrade on Saturday, July 24th. During this time and perhaps a little longer, access to our website may be impacted.

There will be times throughout the day that you might be unable to access our site to read articles or view videos. Please rest assured that this is planned and not the result of any hacking attempts or censorship — in fact, these upgrades will help deter future attacks.

This has been in development for the last 12 months and is finally ready for deployment. We are excited as these updates will take our website to new levels of design, efficiency, and security.

Our team will be monitoring the situation closely throughout the scheduled upgrades and maintenance to ensure a smooth and quick transition.

We anticipate that by Monday, July 26, you’ll be able to experience a brighter, lighter, and fresher!

Thank you.

God bless,
The LifeSiteNews Team