Tuesday August 7, 2007

Notorious Abortionist Tiller Charged and Arraigned on 19 Criminal Counts

Operation Rescue says Wichita clinic closed for unprecedented two weeks

By Peter J. Smith

Abortionist George Tiller WICHITA, Kansas, August 7, 2007 ( – Notorious abortionist George R. Tiller turned himself over to Sedwick County Sheriffs for his arraignment last Friday on 19 criminal misdemeanor counts for illegal late-term abortions.

Tiller was processed and released by authorities, but did not appear in court himself. His attorney, Lee Thompson, entered “not guilty” to all counts on his behalf. Tiller was originally to be arraigned today in Court, however his attorney made the surprise move Friday, a day after Operation Rescue (OR) had announced it planned to hold a prayer vigil outside the Sedwick County Courthouse for that day.

Attorney General Paul Morrison charged Tiller June 28 with 19 counts of illegally using physician Ann Kristin Neuhaus of Nortonville, who was financed by him ,to authorize his late-term abortions in 19 procedures from July to November 2003.

Attorneys for Tiller and Neuhaus have argued that Tiller did not technically pay her since he did not give her a check. However Operation Rescue told that Tiller and Neuhaus enjoyed a “symbiotic relationship.” Tiller kept Neuhaus afloat by allowing her to use his office and equipment once a week to see her “patients” and may have subsidized her transportation to his clinic. In return, Neuhaus would sign off on late-term abortions. (

Tiller’s attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss set for August 10. The attorneys will argue that Kansas law on late-term abortions performed after the 21st week of pregnancy and the legal point of viability, is unconstitutional.

However for two weeks Tiller’s Wichita abortion clinic has remained closed, which OR President Troy Newman told was unprecedented for what was the “abortion capital of the world.”

“What’s actually happening is that because of the persistence of the pro-life community [Morrison] was forced to charge Mr. Tiller with something,” OR President Troy Newman told

“Is justice being fully served? No,” Newman said. “But we’re hoping that even as menial as these charges are, that it will force Mr. Tiller out of business.”

“This is a joyful day for the pro-life movement,” said Newman adding that the closure of abortion clinics across the United States was further evidence of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s observation that Roe v. Wade was on a crash collision course with itself.

Operation Rescue has announced it will hold a prayer vigil at 9 AM outside Sedgwick County Courthouse on August 10, a half hour before Tiller’s scheduled hearing.

If charges are not dismissed, Tiller faces a tentative court date of August 17, 2007, at 9:00 AM.

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