March 18, 2014 (The Cardinal Newman Society) – The Catholic Mayor of San Antonio who once said of abortion, “We disagree on this, the pope and I,” will be coming to the campus of the University of Notre Dame next month, according to the University’s website.


Julián Castro, a prominent Catholic supporter of legal abortion, will visit Notre Dame on April 7 to discuss his “journey into the world of politics.”

Castro was once quoted in the San Antonio Express giving greater weight to polls than the teaching of the Catholic Church:

There's no question that there's a teaching of the Catholic Church that's in contradiction with a pro-choice position, and there are folks who've made a lot of an issue of that. But if you look at opinion polls of Catholics, it's very clear that there's also a significant number of Catholics who are pro-choice. And so I feel like almost anything – whether it's a religion or something else, an ideology that folks subscribe to – you're not going to agree with it 100 percent. And you see that with regard to Catholics and reproductive rights. So I realize as a Catholic that I don’t have the same view as the bishops, as the pope, but I’m still Catholic.

Castro is also a proponent of same-sex marriage who reportedly acted as the grand marshal of San Antonio’s gay rights parade and, according to WOAI News, referred to support for traditional marriage as “bigotry” and “backwards.”

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Notre Dame’s event is reportedly titled “American Politics in the 21st Century: Latino Civic Engagement.”

The University also announced that Castro’s former Stanford faculty mentor Luis Fraga has also been invited to discuss the San Antonio mayor’s journey into the world of politics. Fraga is a board member of the pro same-sex marriage group OneAmerica.

The group’s website quotes an article by Fraga from the Seattle Times, which read, “we were convinced that in aligning our support for marriage equality within our historical commitment to social justice for all, that those who might oppose marriage equality would, in time, fully accept what motivated us to join this effort.”

The event at Notre Dame is being sponsored by the University’s Multicultural Student Programs and Services’ Building Bridges Lecture Series, the Institute for Latino Studies Transformative Latino Leadership Lecture Series, and the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy.

Reprinted with permission from The Cardinal Newman Society