HALIFAX, August 11, 2003 ( – Nova Scotia elected a minority government last week with Tory Premier John Hamm retaining his position. The Conservatives were reduced to two seats short of a majority government with 25 seats down from the 31 seats it held prior to the election.  The NDP gained 4 seats for a total now of 15 and the Liberals won 12 seats for a gain of five.  Herm Wills of Campaign Life Nova Scotia told LifeSite that seven of the newly elected MLAs are committedly pro-life.  He also noted that another 6 or so are “workable” on the issue.  Wills noted that candidates were very reluctant to respond to pro-life surveys and most of the Liberal and NDP candidates responded through party headquarters.  While in the past the Tories were free to respond, this year Premier Hamm sent a non-committal form letter on behalf of candidates.  See Campaign Life Coalition Nova Scotia’s website with CLC’s candidates’ evaluations at