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Editor’s note: This report contains graphic content and links to graphic sites.  

(LifeSiteNews) — A government-funded Canadian youth organization is giving anyone under age 25 free fake male phalluses, chest binders, and other grotesque items it claims are for “gender-affirming” care.

The Youth Project’s website has a section titled “Gender-Affirming Items” that lists myriad disturbing items that would not be out of place in a sex shop, many of which can all be had for free to youths.

The Youth Project lists as its financial backers the provincial government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia education, and the United Way Halifax.

The fake items are for “two spirit, trans, non-binary or gender questioning youth.”

“In order to provide the best breast form size for you, we use band size measurements. To find out your band size, please measure around your ribs directly below your chest tissue,” the Youth Project reads.

The Youth Project lists itself as a non-profit charity “dedicated to providing support and services to youth, 25 and under, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Many of the free items, as per Youth Project’s website, are in high demand. “A lengthy wait list for some of our gender affirming items, with wait times of up to three months depending on size and style requested,” it says.

Some of the items listed on the site include a “banana dildo” as well as a “pleasure ring,” which are shown in full display.

In recent years, the LGBT lobby, with the full backing of the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has pushed its agenda, which includes the transgender ideology.

Few Canadian politicians have spoken out, and those who have are no longer sitting Members of Parliament.

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier recently blasted the oversaturation of extreme transgender ideology on full display during “pride month,” notably when it comes to targeting kids. He said there should also be a month dedicated to not “pushing” one’s “gender confusion in everyone’s face.”

The LGBT lobby has claimed that June is “pride month.” In many parts of Canada and the United States, “pride month” is on full display with the full backing of many corporations, governments, and influential people.

On Thursday, Trudeau in a huge ceremony hoisted the “pride” flag over Canada’s Parlaiment.

The push for the normalcy of the transgender/LGBT agenda has been observed in Canadian schools. However, there has been pushback.

Last week, thousands of students across Canada stayed home on June 1 in direct protest of “Pride Month” being pushed in public schools.

The first annual “National ‘Pride’ Flag Walk-Out Day” was initiated by the pro-life and pro-family organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).

Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews reported on how an audio recording has exposed a Canadian teacher who lambasted her Muslim students while suggesting in a long rant that people who do not support “pride” events cannot “be Canadian.”

Last week, a Canadian elementary school bearing the name of a Catholic saint hosted what some described as a “disgusting” and wild “pride” celebration featuring a drag queen, a giant rainbow tunnel, and “pride” flags galore.

Last week as well, school trustees from York Catholic District School Board voted 6-4 against flying the “pride flag” at its Catholic Education Centre during June.