BOMBAY, Aug 24, 2001 ( – The United Nations, and European, Canadian and American governments and foundations are known throughout the third world as being much more apt to send condoms and other birth control agents to the third world than needed medical necessities. The ridiculous amounts of condoms sent have made for comments such as “the West is trying to cover Africa with rubber” and other epithets made by witnesses of the programs. Moreover, medical facilities in third world countries are often found to have little in the way of medical supplies and an over abundance of birth control devices.

However, the West’s tendency to dump massive amounts of condoms into third world countries has caused entrepreneurial minds to come up with alternate uses for the abundant commodity. In India sari makers have found that the lubrication used in the condoms works to lubricate yarn so it does not snap. Ananova reports that the sari-making industry uses an estimated half a million condoms every day.

India’s Health Minister CP Thakur has banned the use of condoms in sari-making. Mr Thakur claims the use of so many condoms in the sari industry is affecting India’s population control programme.

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