October 31, 2011 ( – It’s that time of year again: the leaves are turning brighter as the days are getting darker. On a day when ghosts and ghouls and other nasty things are supposed to rule the holiday, is there a better time to shine out the pro-life message? We think not. Here are some of the top pro-life jack-o-lantern designs we’ve found floating around Facebook so far giving Planned Parenthood the creeps.

1. Occupy the Womb


It will be hard to beat this gourd for the 2011 top slot. Susan B. Anthony List’s Katelynd Mahoney gets the point across about where Zuccotti Park protesters should really be looking to find injustice in America. (h/t National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez)



2. 180 Movie Pumpkin


There is a reason this pumpkin will stay near the top of the list: if you have seen 180 the movie, then you know why. And if you haven’t, we suggest you correct that. This incredible pro-life documentary, which shows the reactions of everyday youth on the street as they’re faced with the reality of abortion, has already gotten over 1.3 million views since it was posted on Sept 21.


3. A Silent Silhouette

This peaceful image of a baby hanging out with Mom comes through Sarah Ho on 180’s Facebook page.

Do you have a pro-life pumpkin you’d like to share? Help us build the list, and send a picture and the name of the artist to Kathleen Gilbert here.

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