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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Jordan Peterson, a best-selling Canadian author and clinical psychologist who gained fame for his vigorous defense of free speech, has lost an appeal against the College of Psychologists of Ontario after they mandated he undergo social media “training” to keep his license.  

An Ontario court ruled Wednesday against Peterson’s judicial review of the College of Psychologists of Ontario’s mandate that he take training for social media, a punishment Peterson has said was levied against him after he made posts on X, formerly Twitter, criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and LGBT activists

The Ontario Divisional Court said that the social media training was allowed as per the college’s mandate to regulate those in the profession and claimed it did not violate his freedom to express himself.  

“I have concluded that the application should be dismissed. In my view, the Decision of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) adequately and reasonably considered Dr. Peterson’s statements in the context of the College’s statutory mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest,” wrote Judge Schabas in his ruling.  

“The order is not disciplinary and does not prevent Dr. Peterson from expressing himself on controversial topics; it has a minimal impact on his right to freedom of expression and meets the requirements of the Supreme Court’s framework.” 

Peterson took to social media to blast the court’s ruling and dared them to “bring it on” as he will make every aspect of the ordeal “public.” 

“So the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that @CPOntario can pursue their prosecution. If you think that you have a right to free speech in Canada, [y]ou’re delusional,” he posted to X yesterday. 

“I will make every aspect of this public, And we will see what happens when utter transparency is the rule, Bring it on.”  

X owner and Tesla mogul Elon Musk replied to Peterson’s tweet with a simple, “Wow.” 

In reply, Peterson noted to Musk, “It’s worse than you think @elonmusk, My tweets criticizing the trans insanity and @justintrudeau are the putative reason The judges are progressives appointed by @JustinTrudeau and all professionals in Canada are so terrified of their ‘professional’ regulatory bodies that they are terrified into silence.” 

“And even those who aren’t intimidated in that manner Can’t afford the extremely expensive and endless fight Not good,” he added.  

Peterson also promised to release his full response to the court ruling on Thursday. Yesterday, his legal team announced that they will be appealing the court’s ruling.  

Reaction to the court ruling came swiftly, with many coming to Peterson’s defense.  

“No one who values the truth can justify what is being done to @jordanbpeterson in Canada. At first, they came for Jordan Peterson, but I said nothing, because I was not Jordan Peterson. The time has (once again) come to say something,” posted Canadian lawyer and political commentator Viva Frei.

Political commentator from the Western Standard Cory Morgan warned that Canadians need to “step up” and fight back against cancel culture or risk losing all freedoms.  

“The time to step up is now folks. We need to push back against the mobs and get our courts in check. They won’t stop with @jordanbpeterson, The mob could come for you next,” posted Morgan.

Successful and well-known Canadian businessman Brett Wilson was blunt in blasting the college’s ruling against Peterson.  

“Ontario court to decide if Jordan Peterson can be ordered to get social media training, via @NationalPost F**k the College. @jordanbpetersonis NOT accountable to them. Or the woke complaining from random psychopath,” he posted on X.

Last year, Peterson recounted how the Ontario College of Psychologists had demanded that he “submit [himself] to mandatory social-media communication retraining.” Failure to do so would mean a suspension of his license, the organization said. 

Peterson noted that he had been accused of causing harm to “people” but noted that none of the complaints came from actual clients.

Earlier in the year, Peterson warned Canadian professionals to “wake up” to the rise of cancel culture. 

“Wake up, citizens: professionals are now required to hold their tongue if they believe anything politically verboten. For all you leaning to the left – sometimes validly: these precedents will eventually be weaponized by those who stand opposed to you,” he posted.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.