January 26, 2012 ( – The number of French parliamentarians that have added their names to a list of those opposing homosexual “marriage” and adoption has now reached 115, according to the French magazine Liberation.

The petition was begun in response to a new initiative by French socialists, who are promising voters to institute homosexual “marriage” if they are chosen in the upcoming presidential elections.

The parliamentarians in opposition come from the three political parties that make up the coalition supporting President Nicolas Sarkozy: the Union for a Popular Movement, the New Center, and the Movement for France.

The declaration favors “the defense of the fundamental right of a child the be cared for and to develop within a family composed of a father and a mother.”

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Although the number of signatories to the declaration has increased from only 82 earlier this month, it has a long way to go to reach the same count that a similar declaration reached in 2006, when 174 affixed their names. At that time, a homosexual “marriage” campaign was rejected by a French parliamentary commission, which also rejected homosexual adoption.

Although most surveys show a substantial majority of French in favor of the idea, the ruling coalition continues to oppose it, as does President Sarkozy, although the latter was recently reported to be reconsidering his position, a claim he vehemently denies.  Sarkozy has, however, endorsed a reform of Civil Solidarity Pacts, which are an extremely weak version of civil unions.

The confinement of marriage to heterosexual couples was upheld by the nation’s highest court, the Constitutional Council, in January of 2011. Then, in June, the French National Assembly voted decisively against the creation of homosexual “marriage” in a 293-222 vote.