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New York City Councilwoman Vickie PaladinoTwitter

NEW YORK CITY, New York (LifeSiteNews) — The bold New York City councilwoman who confronted former mayor Bill DeBlsaio and defied overbearing vaccine mandates is now threatening to defund any schools in her district that host drag queen events for children.

“I will reiterate: Any school in my district participating in ‘drag queen’ degeneracy risks losing their funding. Adult drag performers have NO BUSINESS in our schools, and they will not be in my district. Period,” Vickie Paladino (R-Queens) tweeted Monday.

Her announcement came on the heels of a New York Post report sharing that Drag Story Hour NYC has received over $200,000 in taxpayer money since 2018 to perform at street festivals, libraries, and public schools.

Paladino commented to the New York Post regarding the news, “We are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking New York taxpayers … to fund a program teaching little children about their gender fluidity? Not. On. My. Watch.”

In 2022 alone, the formerly named “Drag Queen Story Hour NYC” organized 49 events in 34 public elementary, middle, and high schools in New York City. According to Eric Vaughan, the former LGBTQ+ Program Manager at the NYC Department of Education, the programs have “truly changed the culture in many schools and [have] helped to open up dialogue as it pertains to gender Identity,” as the NYC drag group highlights on their website.

In her Twitter thead Monday, Paladino called the city funding of drag events for children “unacceptable and grotesque,” and said it “follows a deeply disturbing national pattern.” 

As the New York Post noted, the drag program’s social media posts show how cross-dressing men are encouraging gender “fluidity” in children, such as through the “Dragtivity Book,” which encourages kids to choose their gender pronouns and create their own drag names.

At one middle school field trip, boys and girls alike were taught how to apply drag eye-makeup. The New York Post observed that some of the program’s Instagram account posts were taken down less than an hour after the outlet called Drag Story Hour for comment.

One NYC parent complained that he was not given notice before his daughter’s school hosted a drag event, and another pointed out that there was no way to opt their kids out of the event.

According to the New York Post, “the Department of Education did not respond specifically to questions about parental notification, and refused to say whether the drag queens must pass background checks — but defended the program as ‘life saving,’ citing the killing of ‘transgender’ individuals ‘due to their identity’.”

Drag Queen Dylan Pontiff, who helped organize a Drag story hour event for children as young as three in a Louisiana public library, admitted in 2018 during a city council meeting, “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.”

In her Twitter comments, Paladino doubled down on her commitment to prevent children’s exposure to grooming by drag queens, and their “degeneracy.”

“I was elected to hold the line on major issues like this,” wrote Paladino, going on to note that she had “thus far allocated MILLIONS of dollars in funding for district schools for repairs, upgrades, and new programs,” which would be “reconsidered if a school is found to have participated in these activities.”

“Progressives may have no problem with child grooming and sexualization, but I do. This will not happen on my watch. Kids deserve a quality education free from political manipulation and sexual content. And that’s what the kids in District 19 will get,” Paladino concluded.