CROWN HEIGHTS, NY, March 18, 2014 ( – A New York man is accused of causing his girlfriend to miscarry their child after secretly inserting abortion-inducing drugs into her womb.

Authorities say that a young woman miscarried her 14-week-old baby after having sex with 34-year-old Shervaughn Remy last Valentine's Day. Doctors at a hospital in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn removed two Cytotec tablets from her vagina, according to the New York Post.

Cytotec (misoprostol) is an anti-ulcer medication that is widely used off-label to induce abortions, in the United States and around the world. The pills may be ingested or inserted into the birth canal.


Remy was charged with felony abortion but entered an innocent plea on Monday. If convicted, he could face up to four years in prison.

Pro-life advocates have long warned that the easy availability of abortifacient drugs, such as selling Plan B over the counter, will lead to a rising number of forced abortions.

The case echoes a similar one from London. A 29-year-old Afghan cab driver named Ahmed Raofi had sex with his pregnant girlfriend, then tied her up and inserted four Cytotec tablets into her vagina. He was sentenced to six years in prison last September.

Similar cases have occurred in the United States, as well.

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In January, a Florida judge sentenced John Andrew Welden to 13 years and eight months after slipping his girlfriend Cytotec. Welden had told Remee Jo Lee that her doctor had prescribed antibiotics, and arranged to have the misoprostol mislabeled. She miscarried a child she wanted to keep.

“Every day is a nightmare” since then, Lee said. She and her family have since lobbied Florida to adopt a state law punishing such behavior. (Welden was charged with violating a federal statute.)

Abortion advocates around the world, including Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, have posted instructions on how to induce a self-abortion by using Cytotec.

“Misoprostol is a favorite of international abortion advocates. Several groups are working to make misoprostol easy to obtain – by anyone,” Wendy Wright said. “Pro-life advocates warn that easy access to misoprostol will result in women with wanted pregnancy being forcibly aborted.”