WASHINGTON, D.C., November 2, 2012, ( – The Obama administration is engaging in a form of cultural imperialism by promoting hyper-sexual ethics in developing nations, according to a new documentary.

“There is a whole movement in which many people in the Obama administration are involved— Hillary Clinton at the forefront — that is pushing the ‘sexual rights’ agenda,” said Sharon Slater, producer of Cultural Imperialism, The Sexual Rights Agenda.

Slater explained to that “broad elastic term” is used by Western governments to push “contraception, sex-change operations, same-sex marriage, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender behavior, prostitution, and comprehensive sexuality education for children.”

“The sexual rights ideology believes that the most fundamental human right is the right to unrestricted sexual pleasure,” said Slater, who is the president of Family Watch International, a UN watchdog organization that advocates for traditional family values.

“Anything that is seen as a barrier to sexual pleasure is viewed by them as a violation to human rights,” she said. “Sexual rights is basically about promoting sexual anarchy, especially to children.”

Slater said that she made the half-hour documentary as a response to African, Islamic, and Caribbean United Nations (UN) delegates who “constantly complained” to her organization about pressure from the “U.S. government, UN agencies, and other rich Western countries” to endorse a pan-sexual agenda.

The documentary makes the case that the West’s imposition of “sexual rights” on these countries erodes their religious and cultural values, leading to the demise of the natural family unit and resulting social chaos.

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The documentary presents evidence that the Obama administration “blackmails” poor countries into implementing laws and policies that advance “sexual rights” by threatening to withhold aid.

One piece of evidence presented in the documentary is a December 2011 White House memorandum issued by President Obama that calls all “heads of executive departments and agencies” to “engaged abroad to ensure that U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] persons.”

Section three of the memorandum on foreign assistance states: “Agencies involved with foreign aid, assistance, and development shall enhance their ongoing efforts to ensure regular Federal Government engagement with governments, citizens, civil society, and the private sector in order to build respect for the human rights of LGBT persons.”

Slater argues that “what the Obama directive actually does is to direct all U.S. agencies to pressure countries to not only legalize and destigmatize LGBT sexual behavior, but to also encourage countries to embrace LGBT lifestyles.”

“They were being blackmailed, bribed, and bullied into accepting sexual rights that run counter to their religious and cultural values,” she said.

The documentary includes interviews with Dr. Norman Hearst, a family medicine specialist with emphasis on HIV prevention; Dr. Edward Green, former director of Harvard’s AIDS Prevention Research Project; Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, former St. Lucia Delegate to the UN; and many more.

Various UN delegates from developing countries speak out in the documentary about how they are being bullied by the West into accepting the full gamut of “sexual rights,” despite overwhelming resistance within their countries.

“Sexual rights is a Trojan horse term that puts pressure on countries to change their laws and to advance these kind of behaviors and to protect them,” Slater said.

Watch the five minute trailer and the full documentary here.