USAID spends 16 times more money on global family planning than child health

USAID has designated $25 million for global population programs and only $1.5 million for child health.
Thu Mar 7, 2013 - 9:05 am EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 7, 2013 ( - Once again the Obama administration reveals its priority to family planning over maternal and child health care needs of poor women and children in developing countries.

Yesterday, USAID released the 2012 Report to Congress: Health-Related Research and Development Strategy, which is an overview of the Agency’s 2011–2015 plan to implement and accelerate health programs to help the lives of women and children.

A closer look at funding reveals a budget of $188 million for health research and development for 2012 allocated to the following areas: Maternal and Newborn health, Child health, Family Planning and Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Maleria, Tuberculosis, Nutrition and Pandemic Influenza and Other Emerging Threats.


Almost half of the entire budget was allocated to HIV/AIDS – $93 million.  

Out of the remaining $95 million, $25 million is designated for Family Planning to “improve and expand the use of family planning methods in developing countries” and to “introduce and develop new family planning methods.”

Just $9 million is targeted for Maternal and Newborn health and $1.5 million to Child health, this despite a recent study showing 1.4 million deaths per year from diarrhea, with the majority being children.

It’s time the Obama administration clear-out some of the reproductive rights/population control advocates in his administration to make room for global development experts that will address real health issues and not those driven by abortion rights ideologues. Women and children’s lives depend on it.

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