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April 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – After months of silence and speculation, former President Barack Obama formally endorsed his former Vice President, Joe Biden, in his campaign for President of the United States on April 14. In the process, Obama called for a far more aggressive “progressive” agenda than the one he campaigned on himself.

“I could not be prouder of the incredible progress that we made together during my presidency, but if I were running today, I wouldn’t run the same race or have the same platform as I did in 2008,” Obama said. “The world is different; there’s too much unfinished business for us to just look backwards. We have to look to the future. Bernie understands that, and Joe understands that.”

“It is one of the reasons that Joe already has what is the most progressive platform of any major-party nominee in history,” he continued. “Because even before the pandemic turned the world upside down, it was already clear that we needed real structural change.”

“So we need to do more than just tinker around the edges with tax credits or underfunded programs,” the former president declared. “We have to go further to give everybody a great education, a lasting career and a stable retirement. We have to protect the gains we made with the Affordable Care Act, but it’s also time to go further. We should make plans affordable for everyone, provide everyone with a public option, expand Medicare and finish the job so that health care isn’t just a right but a reality for everybody.”

Obama’s own record was by no means moderate, from his support for abortion-on-demand to his expansive use of executive authority to his signature accomplishment: the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), under which the federal government took an unprecedented degree of control over the US healthcare industry.

Beyond the examples Obama laid out of Biden going even further left, the presumptive Democrat nominee has been running on a pro-abortion platform that pledged direct taxpayer funding of abortion and contraception at home and abroad and would ban states from setting their own abortion policies, even on modest regulations such as ultrasound requirements or waiting periods; as well as an LGBT platform that would elevate homosexual and transgender “acceptance” above religious liberty and conscience rights.

This week, he also said that the COVID-19 crisis presents an “opportunity now to significantly change the mindset of the American people” on the subject of climate change, getting the country to “think much bigger than we have before” and enact spending and regulations Americans “weren’t ready to do even two, three years ago.”

Biden may be the last Democrat standing in the party’s primary to decide who challenges President Donald Trump, but mounting concerns about the 77-year-old candidate’s mental sharpness have prompted speculation that Democrats may attempt to replace him at the party convention with a younger candidate, such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Biden also faces a sexual assault claim from former Senate staffer Tara Reade.