Obama encourages 5-year-old girl’s support for gay ‘marriage’

'Please give a speech to tell everyone that can marry who they want,' the girl wrote.
Thu May 28, 2015 - 3:08 pm EST
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A man carries a sign during Long Beach's Gay Pride parade in 2012 of Newsweek's cover declaring Obama "the first gay president." Juan Camilo Bernal /

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 28, 2015 ( -- A five-year old girl's letter supporting same-sex "marriage" has become the newest prop for President Obama.

In a letter sent by five-year old Yasmeen and tweeted to the president by her aunt, the girl asked President Obama to "stop war" and to "please give a speech to tell everyone that can marry who they want."

Obama, who has made redefining marriage a priority of his second term, subsequently tweeted: "Tell your niece I really like her letter. Couldn't agree more!"

Obama's support for same-sex "marriage" and related issues has been clear since even before the president said he had "evolved" on marriage in 2012. Since then, former Attorney General Eric Holder told state attorneys general that they could ignore state laws promoting actual marriage, and Obama has said that federal contractors must provide the same benefits to "married" same-sex couples that they provide to married heterosexual couples.

  obama, same-sex 'marriage'

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