CHARLOTTE, July 25, 2012, ( – The Obama administration has awarded nearly half-a-million dollars to Planned Parenthood in North Carolina, once again overriding elected representatives in a state that has chosen not to fund the nation’s leading provider of abortion. 

The Department of Health and Human Services has given $426,000 in Title X funding to Planned Parenthood. 


Earlier this month, North Carolina lawmakers voted to override a veto by Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue and end all family planning grants, effectively depriving Planned Parenthood of $125,000 in state taxpayer dollars. The group reacted by threatening to close a Durham clinic that does not provide abortions. It has dropped a lawsuit against the state after learning it received all the federal funds it has requested.

Last year the state legislature passed a bill specifically defunding Planned Parenthood, which a judge later struck down

“It’s indicative of the federal government playing politics with taxpayer money,” said State Representative Nelson Dollar, R-Cary. “The fact that Planned Parenthood has been given additional money from the Obama administration sort of fits with the politics of the administration.” 

The Obama administration has increasingly funded state Planned Parenthood affiliates directly in states that have stopped funding the organization.

The administration gave Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire $1 million last September after the Granite State voted to withhold state funds. 

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Earlier this month, the administration awarded Planned Parenthood of Memphis $1.2 million in Title X funds, over several years, after Tennessee’s elected officials voted to fund alternate caregivers. 

“By funneling federal tax dollars to abortion providers in Tennessee, Barack Obama has proven once again why he needs to be defeated for a second term,” said Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey. “This money is a clear attempt to subvert the actions of state government and prop up a culture of death on the decline.”

Planned Parenthood has purchased $1.4 million in television advertisements attacking Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney. 

The 2012 Democratic National Convention will take place this summer in Charlotte.