Obama in the UK: ‘Some’ people who support bathroom privacy laws are ‘good people’

President Obama 'doesn't prioritize' women's safety, a state pro-life family leader told LifeSiteNews.
Tue Apr 26, 2016 - 4:10 pm EST
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Georgina Coupe / UK Government

CHARLOTTE, April 26, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – President Obama denounced laws in North Carolina and Mississippi during a trip to Great Britain, adding that “some” of the people who support those laws are good people.

The UK Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory to LGBT British citizens visiting North Carolina and Mississippi after those states passed new laws - one restricting restrooms and shower facilities to members of the same biological sex and another respecting religious freedom.

During a press conference last Friday with Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama said the two are “beautiful states” full of “wonderful people,” where visitors from Great Britain would be treated with "extraordinary hospitality."

However, “the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned.”

The laws, he said, had been passed only “in response to politics in part, and part some strong emotions that are generated by people, some of whom are good people.”

Supporters of the two popular measures took umbrage at the president striking out against “commonsense” state laws while on foreign soil.

“You'd think President Obama would understand the importance of this protection having two young girls, but clearly he doesn't prioritize their or any other girls safety in the country,” Kami Mueller of the North Carolina Values Coalition told LifeSiteNews. “Our leaders in North Carolina passed H.B. 2 to address this harmful Charlotte bathroom ordinance, because nearly 70 percent of North Carolinians see the real danger in allowing grown men to share bathrooms and showers with little girls. It's just common sense.”

State residents are concerned that predators could take advantage of new “civil rights” ordinances by pretending to be transgender and gain access to females in private settings.

“Abuse and harm is not mere speculation,” Mueller told LifeSiteNews. “There are documented cases around the country where men are using laws like the former Charlotte ordinance to gain access to women's restrooms to harm and even sexually assault young girls.”

In Washington state, biological males have repeatedly stripped in front of young girls as young as six years old inside women's locker rooms.

In Canada, where similar policies have been in effect for years, men have been arrested for posing as “transgender” to sexually assault women.

“The president should keep his hands out of the internal affairs of North Carolina,” Mueller added.

The last time President Obama weighed in on a North Carolina issue in 2012, he said that state voters should reject Amendment One, the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Voters approved it by a landslide margin of 61 to 39 percent in May 2012.

The president is practiced at mounting foreign platforms to denounce U.S. laws of which he disapproves. In 2010, he used the first-ever U.S. report to the UN Human Rights Council to denounce an Arizona law that allowed local officials to help the federal government enforce existing immigration laws.

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