By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 20, 2008 ( – In light of further actual and rumored appointments, Obama’s future presidential administration is steadily emerging as a regime ominously packed with Obama insiders who promise to help roll out the carpet for the President-elect’s radical anti-life and anti-family agenda.

Media outlets recently named Arizona governor Janet Napolitano as Obama’s probable choice for secretary of Homeland Security.

An early Obama supporter and campaigner, Napolitano firmly established herself as an extreme abortion supporter by vetoing the partial birth abortion ban, and in one month she vetoed four anti-abortion bills. In 2005 NARAL warmly praised the governor for vetoing a bill that would have allowed Arizona pharmacies not to distribute the abortifacient morning-after pill due to a moral or religious objection.

Tom Daschle has recently been named as the likely candidate for the next Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), an appointment Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said gives pro-lifers a “frightening glimpse” into the new Cabinet.

The former Democratic Senate majority leader gained notoriety for his liberal views on abortion when he opposed the partial-birth abortion ban, endorsed taxpayer-funded military abortions, and supported taxpayer funding to provide morning-after pills to young public school girls. Perkins also lamented that Daschle, a man with no experience in public health, is on track to become the ultimate authority on federal health issues.

One of the national co-chairs for Obama’s presidential campaign, Daschle warmed early on to Obama and in 2007 gushed that the Illinois senator “personifies the future of Democratic leadership in our country.”

Another likely future HHS member is Dr. Robin Alta Charo, a highly liberal professor of law and bioethics and former member of Clinton’s Bioethics Advisory Commission, who was appointed to Obama’s transition team Friday. Charo had been a member of Obama’s pre-election team, where she managed science and health policy matters.

Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith took Charo’s appointment as a further sign that the Obama administration “is going to push full speed ahead” with destructive embryonic stem-cell research. Charo once called Smith, who is a prominent pro-life advocate in the world of bioethics, a leader of “the endarkenment.”

“We are entering very dark days,” said Smith on the appointment.

Pro-abortion juggernaut Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose liberal views on just about every possible social issue are no secret, has also emerged as Obama’s favored choice for Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is quickly establishing his public solidarity with the homosexual movement.

Obama recently laid out on his website a “civil rights agenda” that includes, to the satisfaction of homosexual lobbyists, the dismantling of legal protections for marriage. He intends to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, the act that protects natural marriage that is currently enshrined in federal law, and accordingly opposes a federal Constitutional amendment to protect marriage.

Obama has also promised to expand “hate crime” enforcement and legislation by enacting the Matthew Shepard Act, which would allow a perceived bias against homosexuality to be prosecuted. Obama will also enforce non-discrimination in businesses regarding homosexuality, which could force business owners to hire a certain quota of homosexuals.

Finally, Obama’s website confirms that the president-elect will push to open adoption to homosexual couples, and make military service more available to homosexuals.

According to gay news outlets, officials in the president-elect’s transition team have so far assigned 7 openly homosexual individuals to transition review panels, 3 of which were high-ranking Clinton administration officials. Reports also say Obama is considering deputy campaign strategist and open homosexual Steve Hildebrand as the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing Howard Dean.

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