WASHINGTON, DC, May 1, 2013 ( – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that it had approved the levonogestrel-based morning-after pill Plan B One-Step for use without a prescription by girls as young as 15.  The pharmaceutical granted the market by the FDA is the Pennsylvania-based Teva Women’s Health.  In their release, the FDA stressed that the decision was made independently of an April 5 federal court order to allow over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, reacted to the FDA decision saying, “Plan B is a dangerous abortion-inducing drug. Girls who aren't even old enough to drive themselves to the pharmacy are now being given free access to a megadose of a pill that ranks as a Group I carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and has been known to cause blood clots, heart attacks or strokes, and triple the risk of ectopic pregnancy – all without a doctor's supervision or parental notification. Once again, the health of young women is being sacrificed on the altar of 'choice.'”

The FDA claims in its release that “Plan B One-Step will not stop a pregnancy when a woman is already pregnant, and there is no medical evidence that the product will harm a developing fetus.”


However one of the world’s top authorities on the morning after pill, even though he is a member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s national medical committee, and a board member of the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, says otherwise.

Dr. James Trussell, Director of Princeton’s Office of Population Research, makes the statement in an academic review on the drug dated February 2013 and co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth G. Raymond.

“To make an informed choice, women must know that [emergency contraceptive pills] … prevent pregnancy primarily by delaying or inhibiting ovulation and inhibiting fertilization, but may at times inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium,” they write.

The FDA notes that TEVA will make Plan B One-Step available at retailers with pharmacies even when the pharmacies are closed. They also insist proof of age must be shown to the cashier prior to purchase.

Anna Higgins, Family Research Council's Director of the Center for Human Dignity, noted: “This decision shows an alarming lack of concern for the safety of young girls, the fundamental rights of parents, and concerns of the medical community.”
“This decision undermines the right of parents to make important health decisions for their young daughters,” Higgins explained. “Parents have every right to be involved in any health decisions that affect their children. No parent wants his or her daughter exposed to a potentially dangerous medication without their consent. Instead of allowing unfettered access to potentially dangerous drugs to teens, parent-teen communication regarding the medical and moral issues involved with sexual behavior should be encouraged.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, concurred. “Her doctor need not know and her parents need not know, but when she suffers a devastating illness or worse, will the manufacturers of Plan B pay for her healthcare? And what if she ingests this chemical and a preborn child is killed? Who will tell her the truth?” asked Brown.

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