CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH, April 25, 2013 ( – A northeastern Ohio abortion facility was ordered to stop operations after it failed a state health and safety inspection, Ohio Right to Life has reported.

The Ohio Department of Health issued an order prohibiting the Capital Care Network abortion facility, located at 2127 State Rd in Cuyahoga Falls, from providing any medical services.

Officials cited multiple health and safety violations and informed the owners of the business that their license to operate a health care facility was about to be revoked.


According to the Ohio Department of Health's inspection report, investigators conducted an inspection on February 14 and found numerous violations, ranging from using unqualified and untrained staff, failure to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, failure to maintain patient documentation, failure to perform required staff TB screening, and using patients' blood as controls for Rh tests without their knowledge or consent.

Dozens of other operational and medical violations were documented.

The abortion facility's Ohio State Board of Pharmacy and DEA licenses were expired, according to a Toledo Blade report.

Several similar abuses were found at Kermit Gosnell's “house of horrors” in West Philadelphia. The findings prove that disregard for health standards are no anomaly, pro-life leaders say.

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“Capital Care's violations prove that the abortion industry does not operate as a health provider and is reckless,” said President of Ohio Right to Life Mike Gonidakis.

“Ohioans are witnessing firsthand the abortion industry's dirty practices,” said Gonidakis. “These deplorable conditions should cause all Ohioans to pause and wonder what else Planned Parenthood and their allies are hiding across the state.”

Although Capital Care Network was told in the Adjudication Order issued by Director of Health Dr. Theodore E. Wymyslo that they could appeal both the order to close the Cuyahoga abortion clinic and the revocation of their health care facility license, health department spokeswoman Tessie Pollock told The Blade that the facility did not request a hearing to contest the order.

The closure came on the heels of an announcement that the Toledo Women’s Center abortion facility, also run by the Capital Care Network, has been operating illegally.

TWC lost its transfer agreement with the local hospital last month when University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs announced that he would not renew the agreement.

Ohio Department of Health regulations require all ambulatory surgical facilities, including abortion clinics, to have a transfer agreement with a hospital that can accept patients in an emergency. However, local media reports say that the Toledo Women’s Center is still in operation without this agreement.

“I would like to personally thank our area churches, grassroots volunteers and the many supports who tirelessly prayed and gave their time to stand outside of this clinic and pray. It's because of prayers and outreach that this clinic shut down. Now lives will ultimately be saved and women will be safe,” said Denise Leipold, Executive Director of Northeast Ohio Right to Life.

The Ohio Department of Health's inspection report for Capital Care is available here.

The final adjudication order revoking Capital Care Network's health care facility license is available here.