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OKLAHOMA CITY, January 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The City of San Francisco and the State of California have gained notoriety over the past few years for banning city employees from paid work trips to states with conservative values, and now the Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt has decided to return the favor.

Stitt issued an executive order last week banning state-funded travel to California, citing the Golden State’s intolerance of pro-life neighbors, KFOR reported.

“California and its elected officials over the past few years have banned travel to the State of Oklahoma in an effort to politically threaten and intimidate Oklahomans for their personal values,” Stitt declared in a statement. “Enough is enough. If California’s elected officials don’t want public employees traveling to Oklahoma, I am eager to return the gesture on behalf of Oklahoma’s pro-life stance. I am proud to be Governor of a state that fights for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.”

In 2017, California Democrat Attorney General Xavier Becerra unilaterally prohibited state-sanctioned trips to Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas over their laws respecting the conscience rights of religious adoption agencies and student groups. A year later, it added Oklahoma to that list, and as of last year the number of blacklisted “anti-LGBT” states was up to 10

The City of San Francisco, meanwhile, bars employees from work trips to 22 states in protest of their “restrictive” abortion laws (with their definition of “restrictive” broad enough to include left-wing Massachusetts).

Oklahoma lawmakers have advanced numerous pro-life, pro-family policies in recent years, including a ban on dismemberment abortions, a requirement that women be informed about reversing abortion pills, and protection for religious adoption agencies’ right to place children only in homes with both a mother and a father.