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OKLAHOMA CITY, March 8, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – An Oklahoma state senator has introduced legislation that labels abortion as “first degree murder.”

State Senator Joe Silk, a Republican, has proposed adding killing a pre-born child to Oklahoma's murder law. “A person commits murder in the first degree when that person performs an abortion as defined by … the Oklahoma Statutes,” the proposed amendment reads.

The bill seeks to protect children from the moment of conception, stating flatly, “No person shall perform or induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion after conception.”

The proposed legislation is a response to a major pro-life petition, signed by over 30,000 Oklahomans.

“[W]e hereby respectfully demand that our state government stop protecting the murder of children by abortion within its jurisdiction and establish justice for all pre-born human beings in our state,” the Oklahoma petition stated

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“We demand that our legislators stop passing laws to regulate abortion, and instead outlaw all abortion as murder.”

“We demand that these changes be made now – not five, ten or fifteen years down the road,” the popular petition stated. 

“In short, we the people of the state of Oklahoma demand the total and immediate abolition of human abortion as the legal, constitutional and moral duty of our elected and appointed officials.”

The pro-life petition was the work of the Abolitionist Society of Norman. “We are dissidents of the culture of death,” the Abolitionist website states. They seek to follow the example of abolitionists against slavery in the 19th century. Their slogan is “Abolish Human Abortion.”

In a press release, the Abolitionist Society of Norman said that the U.S. Constitution's right to life is being denied to children in the womb. “This bill aims to … bring Oklahoma law into compliance with the United States Constitution … [and] seeks to establish justice for those being deprived of life without due process of law.”

The abolitionists characterize the Supreme Court's Roe and Doe joint decisions legalizing abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason as a “perversion and denunciation of the constitutional right to life.”

Sen. Silk's proposed bill defines abortion as “the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug or any other substance or device to intentionally kill an unborn human being.” It defines an “unborn human being” as “the offspring of human beings from the moment of conception until either live birth or death, including the human conceptus, zygote, morula, blastocyst, embryo and fetus, whether conceived or located inside or outside the body of a human female.”

A fellow Republican state senator, Sen. Nathan Dahm, has also proposed legislation revoking the physician's license of any doctor who commits an abortion.

Both bills are scheduled for a state Senate hearing Tuesday. The entire Silk bill may be seen here.