One-week-old baby survives being abandoned on a trash heap

Critics of the barbaric act lament the return of the ancient Roman practice of 'exposure,' where unwanted infants were left to die on hillsides.
Fri Feb 19, 2016 - 4:43 pm EST
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BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa, February 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A newborn baby, only one week old, was tragically abandoned in a waste site, like the dozens of cut up children in paper buckets found inside a dumpster behind a Michigan abortion facility in the 1990s.

But this tiny baby was alive.

Her mother stuffed a diaper in her baby's mouth and left the helpless little one at an illegal dumping site. The child, a girl, was found wrapped in a blanket, according to police spokesman Ikobeng Hlubi. She was taken to an area hospital, where she was treated, and doctors determined she was strong enough to be released.

Not only did she survive the ordeal, but officials say she is now safe and as healthy as can be expected.

"The newborn has since been released from hospital and is now at a place of safety," Hlubi said. He added that the abandonment is being investigated as a case of child neglect.

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In the past decade, newborn babies have been flushed down toilets, abandoned in dumpsters, or thrown into trashcans. One Catholic deacon says the horrific trend is a return of an ancient pagan practice. "This situation amounts to a modern resurgence of the ancient pagan practice once called exposure," wrote Deacon Keith Fournier. "Unwanted babies were left out on rocks to be eaten by birds of prey or taken by slave traders."

Author George Grant, researching an Ohio Planned Parenthood facility in the late 1980s, found in its garbage dumpster – among countless butchered babies – a perfectly formed child, and the over a dozen suppositories in her paper bucket revealed that she was bigger than estimated and therefore harder to abort and deliver. Grant noticed that the backs of her thighs were deeply and cleanly cut. Obviously, she was born alive, and the abortionist had sliced her legs so she would bleed to death. 

Statistics are not kept in such cases.

Historically, the barbarism of exposure ended only under the influence of Christianity.  "It was the Christians who saved [these babies], and transformed those cultures from cultures of death into cultures of life," Fournier explained.

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