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November 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The online “hookup” and “dating” app Tinder announced Tuesday that it is expanding its “gender identity” choices for users from “male” and “female” to a total of almost 40 genders in a move heralded by the widely-distrusted “mainstream” media who regularly promote transgenderism.

The Los Angeles-based company worked directly with the LGBTQ organization GLAAD to add 37 new “gender identities,” such as “Genderqueer,” “Two Spirit,” “Transmasculine,” and  “Neither.”

Bigenders, Pangenders and Agenders

Here is the full list of 37 new “gender identity” options for users added by Tinder, courtesy of the Daily Mail. It is not clear why both “Female to Male” and its acronym, FTM — and “Male to Female” and MTF — are listed as separate gender identities:





Female to Male [transsexual]

FTM [Female-to-Male transsexual]

Gender Fluid

Gender Nonconforming

Gender Questioning

Gender Variant

Genderqueer – (“A term used by some individuals who identify as neither entirely male or entirely female” — National Center for Transgender Equality definition)

Male to Female



Neutrois – (“Neutrois is a non-binary gender identity that falls under the genderqueer or transgender umbrellas,” incorporating  the following: “Neutral-gender, Null-gender, Neither male nor female, Genderless, Agender”—





Trans Man

Trans Person

Trans Woman



Transgender Female

Transgender Male

Transgender Man

Transgender Person

Transgender Woman



Transsexual Female

Transsexual Male

Transsexual Man

Transsexual Person

Transsexual Woman



Mainstreaming transgenderism

In a promotional video using actors and writers from the show “Transparent,” Tinder CEO Sean Rad said, “Everyone has the right to be who they are, and meet someone great who loves them for who they are.”

But the pro-LGBTQ New York Times and GLAAD hit upon the larger significance of the change: helping to further mainstream transgenderism, which conservative critics call “gender confusion,” in American culture and throughout the world. (Rad claims that “Tinder has created more than 20 billion matches in 196 countries.”) Times reporter Liam Stack writes:

“The move, part of the a push against persistent harassment against transgender people on the service, was hailed by community advocates as an important example for other social media.”

Nick Adams, the director of transgender media programs for GLAAD (formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), said, “This update reflects a growing awareness that trans people are part of the fabric of everyday life, which in turn, accelerates acceptance for transgender and gender non-conforming people.”

GLAAD’s one-way “diversity”

GLAAD, like many other LGBTQ lobby groups and activists and allied liberals, generally celebrates only a certain brand of “inclusion” and “acceptance.” The homosexual-transgender media organization regularly demonizes and denigrates Judeo-Christian-based pro-family groups like Family Research Council.

Moreover, GLAAD vilifies and attempts to block the visibility of ex-“gays” — people like Joseph Sciambra who have abandoned homosexual or transgendered lifestyle. Thus the same organization that embraces people who identify as “genderqueer” (see below) works to delegitimize former homosexuals by pressing the media to ask tough questions about their ex-“gay” identity. (See this dated GLAAD report, “Unmasking the So-Called ‘Ex-Gay’ Activists.”)


Tinder took the action after “transgender” users complained that they were being “reported” on the site by other users who found out they were transgender — after which they were often blocked temporarily by the site. However, one man’s claim of victimization or online “harassment” is another’s assertion of his basic right and need to know if the person with whom he is interacting is actually biologically male or biologically female.

Tinder works by users reviewing various “profiles” on the app and then swiping left for “No” (not interested) or right for “Yes” (interested).  Since the goal of many gender-confused people is to “pass” as the opposite sex, it can be confusing if a male Tinder user thinks, for example, that he’s saying “yes” to a woman — only to find out later that the “woman” is really another (biological) man who is “identifying” as female.

Similarly, women have been shocked to learn that the “guy” they are dating is actually a woman trying to live as a “man.”

A much more serious manifestation of the same problem has led to a rash of murders of “transgender women” prostitutes — men “hustling” their bodies on the streets posing as women. Some men turn violent after learning that the prostitute they had sex with was not a woman but a man posing and dressed as one. LGBTQ activists tend to label such murders as mere “hate crimes,” minimizing the gender confusion factor.