By Gudrun Schultz

Busekros Family and MelissaNUREMBERG, Germany, February 28, 2007 ( – A group of parents, alarmed by German authorities’ decision to seize a girl from her family home in a battle over home schooling, has launched an online petition calling for an international boycott of German goods in protest of the situation.

  Parents of the World is calling for the immediate restoration of 15-year-old Melissa  to her family, after she was taken away from her parents by police and placed in foster care. The girl had been receiving educational instruction at home after a dispute with her school over home-tutoring which led to her expulsion.

  Home schooling is illegal in Germany, under a law instituted by Adolf Hitler, and officials have recently increased the pressure on families attempting to educate their children themselves.

“Parents of the World call for a boycott of all German goods until Melissa Busekros is returned without threat or condition to her family from the German authorities that removed her from her home,” the online petition states.

“This is an attack on all parents of the world and all religions…Parents around the world demand the immediate return of Melissa Busekros to her parents & family without threat or condition….we the parents of the world, call on all the world to support us in this boycott of Germany by vowing not to buy goods, travel to or support any commerce with Germany. And do so until the people of Germany rise up and demand accountability from their government. Let the German politician hear you loud and clear.”

  The organization is encouraging supporters to contact German businesses and inform them of the reasons for the boycott—the website includes links to more than 200 German-based businesses and corporations.

“This is just as much a threat to you as it is to the Busekros family and your dollars will speak louder than all the courts and government regulations combined. You can make a difference—let Germany and the world know this is unacceptable government intrusion in to the family.”

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