TORONTO, June 2, 2014 ( – Since Justin Trudeau announced his policy to ban pro-life candidates from the Liberal Party and require MPs to vote in favour of abortion, he has been pummeled from all sides, including by Liberal MPs past and present. Six Catholic bishops, and counting, have denounced the policy and called for its repeal.


Hundreds of newspaper columns, many from self-identified “pro-choice” journalists, have agreed it goes too far.

Today, Canada’s largest pro-life group will launch a new website to further build public pressure until Trudeau repeals the policy:

“Justin’s policy represents an assault on our fundamental freedoms, guaranteed by the Charter, namely freedom of conscience and religion. Without these freedoms, no other rights can remain secure”, said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. “It’s astounding to behold Trudeau shredding the Charter – in the name of the Charter! We can’t allow our democratic rights to be stolen.”

“Whether Trudeau likes it or not, the Liberal Party has been a key democratic institution in which Canadians with diverse beliefs and opinions have always been able to participate. With this grassroots campaign, we hope to keep it that way”, said Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC’s National Organizer. “If Trudeau’s policy of intolerance is permitted to extinguish freedom of conscience, religion and expression in the Liberal Party, democracy will suffer for all Canadians.”

Social media campaigns will also be integrated to promote CLC believes that voters have a right to choose which candidates they want to represent them in Ottawa, not party leaders.

CLC works to elect pro-life individuals, regardless of party affiliation.