By Elizabeth O’Brien

TORONTO, June 27, 2007 ( – Same-sex “marriage” among Canadian homosexual couples is getting less popular, and now the majority of homosexual couples that obtain a marriage license in Canada are foreigners, says a recent report by Reuters.

The city of Toronto, which hosted the claimed “million-strong” annual Gay Pride March on Sunday, has one of the largest homosexual populations in Canada. Despite this fact, however, the demand for same-sex marriage licenses has drastically declined. Last year, the city issued 107 licenses to Canadian homosexual couples, whereas this year it has so far only issued 1.

Even though the overall number of “marriages” has declined significantly, the proportion of foreign couples has increased to two-thirds of the licenses issued. According to Reuters, last year Toronto gave out 924 same-sex “marriage” licenses, and of these, 338 were for American couples and 479 for foreign couples. This year, of the 320 same-sex “marriage” licenses issued, 118 were for Americans and 201 for foreigners.

The Gay Toronto Tourism Guide claims homosexual persons make up 14% of the city’s population, thereby making Toronto the third largest gay community in the world. Nevertheless, this year’s 1 legal gay “marriage” comprised only 0.01% of the marriages taking place in Ontario’s capital.  This would seem to strongly confirm past charges that the political and legal campaigns which successfully and dramatically changed the institution of marriage in Canada were ultimately about nothing more than forcing acceptance of homosexuality.

After homosexual “marriage” was first legalized in 2005, there was a rush of couples who wanted to be “married”, many of them in order to make a public statement that homosexuality is acceptable. Since then, however, the overall number of Canadian same-sex couples getting “married” has declined to a mere trickle.

Rev. Jo Bell of Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church admitted that she has married less gay couples since then because gay marriage has become something more “routine”.

Homosexual foreign couples have often used Canada as a springboard to gain recognition of their homosexual “marriages” within their own countries, which may explain why foreign couples are continuing to pour into Canada to obtain a marriage licenses. In 2006, for example, Irish lesbian activists Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan filed suit against the Irish government for not recognizing their Canadian “marriage”. They argued that their rights were being violated and that they should receive the same tax law provisions as a married heterosexual couple (see

According to American author/researcher Stanley Kurtz, the goal of the homosexual movement is not about “marriage” for gays, but the ultimate demolition of all marriage. Basing his idea upon a 2001 Law Commission called “Beyond Conjugality”, Kurtz declared, “The way to abolish marriage, without seeming to abolish it, is to redefine the institution out of existence. If everything can be marriage, pretty soon nothing will be marriage” (see

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