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We only have 3 days left and a long way to go to reach our goal.
Wed Dec 23, 2020 - 8:48 am EST
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December 22, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) –With just 2 days left in our Christmas Campaign, you still have time to make an impact for life and family with a gift to support our news mission in 2020!    

As the mass-exodus from Fox News and mainstream media platforms continues, your support will allow us to serve our growing audience with fearless and uncompromising news reporting.

Remember, EVERY person we will reach, through your support, will become equipped to engage in the culture war.

At this late hour, we must challenge all who have not yet donated to stand for life and family. We still have $41,000 – or 16% – left to raise in order to reach our minimum and necessary campaign goal. Your generosity will help ensure we can continue at our current reporting levels next year!

You can make a secure donation by using this link: 

We are encouraging everyone to leave ALL mainstream and social media news outlets behind. Their manipulations, lies, and censorship are deliberately spreading unfounded fears and have become a threat to our God-given, fundamental rights and freedoms. 

One major problem we face at this time is this: switching to alternative platforms and continuing to engage our entire audience on new platforms is going to be incredibly costly. As I’ve shared with you before, the initial conservative estimates just for video put this cost in the $10,000 - $25,000 per month range. But it must be done so that our message can make it to the general public without censorship. 

But we simply can’t do this without the support of every reader who values our truthful and hard-hitting news articles and video content. 

Can I count on you to help provide our team with the resources we need to withstand censorship and overcome threats to freedom of speech? A gift of $200, $100, $50, or even $35 today will bring us that much closer to our goal. Please use this link to make a donation using our secure donation form: 

(Please Note: LifeSite is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax-deductible in the United States)

Never in our lifetime has there been such an urgent need for totally independent, uncompromising, pro-life and pro-family news reporting.

One of the most powerful effects of being funded by an army of everyday pro-life and pro-family supporters like you is that we are free to report the truth unhindered and without having to worry about interference from third parties.  

LifeSite has always fiercely protected this crucial independence!

However, if we are to continue without cutbacks in 2021, we absolutely must reach the campaign goal.   

Our pro-life and pro-family mission completely depends upon reaching the minimum goals we set for these quarterly campaigns.   

We’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating: In these final days of our quarterly campaigns, we are sometimes tempted to give in to some anxiety, wondering whether we will have the resources needed to keep moving forward full-steam in the new year.

And yet, for nearly 25 years now, Divine Providence has watched over this mission, providing for our every legitimate need, so long as we placed our mission in His hands. 

We feel confident that this time will be no different. Please, support our Christmas campaign with a donation today:

And above all, please pray for the success of this Christmas campaign.

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