By Gudrun Schultz

OTTAWA, Ontario, January 10, 2006 ( – Conservative party leader Stephen Harper was the only party leader to address last month’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing Canadian swingers clubs and group sex venues, in last night’s English-language leadership debate.

Harper said he recognizes that many Canadians are unhappy with the ruling, and said his government would revisit the issue.

“I think a lot of Canadians were troubled by that decision,” said Harper.”[T]he government of Canada can look at that provision and provide new legislation if it thinks there’s a way to plug that loophole, and our [Conservative] government will take a look at what we can do.”

Prime Minister Paul Martin and party leaders Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe all ignored the issue of legalized swingers clubs, although debate moderator Steve Paikin had opened the topic for discussion.

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