Monday March 29, 2010

Only Hope for a More Conservative Britain is a Tory Loss: Conservative Insider

Cameron’s attempts to play both sides costing Tories

By Hilary White

LONDON, March 29, 2010 ( – The only hope for both Britain and the UK Conservative party is for David Cameron to lose the upcoming general election, a Tory insider told this weekend. Cameron’s lead in the polls is falling several points below that needed for an outright majority with only a month left before election day, and his support among the much-courted homosexualist movement is fading.

With the formerly sure lead of David Cameron’s Conservative party starting to erode in the polls, Gerald Warner, a life-long Tory insider and popular conservative columnist for the Daily Telegraph, told LSN that the best hope for a return to traditional Judeo-Christian values in Britain is a Tory defeat.

Britain’s slide into social, moral and economic chaos, he said, can be reversed by “doing everything possible to defeat Cameron at the general election.”

Warner, a Catholic, who has been a Tory candidate and author of a book on the history of the party, and who served as Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland under the Conservative government of Prime Minister John Major in the 1990s, said, “That is the only hope for the Conservative Party; a defeat would end Cameron’s leadership and his whole gang could be flushed out of the party. In the meantime, genuine conservatives must vote tactically against the Cameron-occupied Conservative Party by supporting smaller parties at the polls.”

A Cameron win, Warner said, would do nothing more than “replace a tired, weak government that has implemented the cultural Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt School with a younger, more energetic one following the same programme.”

Since David Cameron took over the party leadership in 2005 he has worked hard to re-brand the Tories as the natural inheritors of Tony Blair’s New Labour. His “modernizing” project to move the party to the “centre right” has alienated the traditional Tory base and at the same time failed to impress the target audience of “progressives” and the homosexualist movement, Warner said.

Warner called Cameron’s leadership of the British Conservative party a “pathetic footnote” in a larger, globalized political shift to the left. “What we see today is a near-universal Marxist programme divorced from the Marxist-Leninist economic precepts. Marxist economics do not work – the collapse of the Soviet Union proved that. So the new position is: let the markets create wealth while Marxist governments appropriate it in taxes and use it to enforce social control.”

This massive shift to the left, he said, “is being engineered globally by the United Nations, the European Union, countless humanist NGOs, financial interests and other dark forces on which it is difficult to shine light.

“What would appall these forces is a mainstream political party, with a real prospect of power, aggressively promoting traditional values. They need not fear that from David Cameron.”

Cameron’s efforts to court homosexuals, Warner said, has been only a small part of a larger effort to move the party away from traditional conservative philosophy. His leadership, “has been a repudiation of Burkean conservatism, of traditional values and of the Judeo-Christian ethic that underpins all European conservatism.”

For the modernization project to succeed, “a quarter of Conservative supporters must consciously and deliberately be driven away from the party because of their irredeemably Tory instincts. That is about the proportion of any political party that is ideologically conscious.

“It is an unbelievably dangerous strategy for any party actually to alienate loyal supporters, but this kamikaze programme was launched, under the delusion that they would be replaced by twice as many supporters, attracted by ‘modern’ Conservatism. As we can see from the polls, the first part of the programme has worked, the second part, predictably, has failed.”

Cameron’s attempt to play both sides backfired last week in a stumbling TV interview with the Gay Times in which he was unable to answer questions about Tory support for homosexualist legislation. He became visibly flustered and ended the interview by asking for the camera to be turned off. That interview has resulted in a flurry of editorial comment from both sides of the left-right divide that Cameron’s project is failing.

Following this, Cameron told BBC Channel 4, “No-one should be in any doubt that the Conservative party abhors homophobia, that we support equal rights, that we support civil partnerships, that we think that part of being a strong central right party in Britain today.”

But Warner says such labels mean little in modern European political-speak. “The most weasel term in Western politics today is ‘centre-right’. So-called ‘centre-right’ and ‘centre-left’ parties substantially share the same agenda, are effectively one party.

“They are approved by the EU, the UN and the other arbiters of politically correct secularist pseudo-morality. Parties that represent a genuinely conservative programme, such as would have been mainstream 10 years ago, are demonised as ‘far-right’. Semantics have always been vitally important to Marxists.”

Warner also said that the biggest single source of alienation with Cameron’s Tory party was the reneging of his “cast-iron” promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. British public opinion is turning ever more strongly against the EU’s increasing political control over British national institutions and Cameron’s “passively Europhile strategy” is not playing well with the public.

“The pro-homosexual crusade, however, is, in many ways, totemic and has played a major role” in this ongoing loss of faith, Warner continued.

But Cameron’s courting of the homosexualist movement, Warner said, has been a waste of party resources. The number of homosexuals in Britain who vote on that issue “is not nearly as large as militant organisations such as Stonewall pretend.”

“A proper scientific study recently revealed it is between 1 and 3 per cent of the population. Since Catholics are around 8 per cent, alienating them over adoption agencies was, arithmetically speaking, a foolish move.”

Warner noted that when the party held an event at the last party congress, militant homosexualists held a counter-event that was better attended. “Homosexuals vote mostly with their wallets, like anybody else,” he said. “I doubt if Cameron has won over any homosexuals with his fawning.”