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BRAMPTON, July 31, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Parents opposed to the Liberal government’s radical sex-ed curriculum are being urged to take part in tomorrow’s multi-city car rally.

Organized by the Mississauga-based HOWA Voice of Parents, this will be the fourth car rally held in the Greater Toronto Area in the summer before the sex-ed curriculum rolls out in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

Billed the Awareness Car Rally, the event starts at 11:30 a.m. Cars will meet in the parking lot of Brampton’s Gurdwara Dashmesh Darbar, on 4555 Ebenezar Road (Ebenezar Road and Hwy 50. The closest major intersection is Hwy 7 and Hwy 50).

Cars will be decked out with red flags that read: “No to irresponsible sex education,” or “My child my choice” and will drive through Brampton, Toronto and Mississauga. (Flags will be sold on site for $5.00.)

Jotvinder Sodhi, president of HOWA Voice of Parents, told LifeSiteNews that the mainstream media has virtually blacked out the parents’ side of the story.


“Our objective is to tell the general public” what the controversial curriculum teaches, he says.

Moreover, the Liberal government launched a $1.8 million summer ad campaign promoting the sex-ed curriculum, noted Christina Liu of the Parents Alliance of Ontario (PAO), which organized the three previous car rallies.

When a reporter asked her how the parents could compete with that, Liu replied: “I don’t have $1.8 million dollars to work with, but I do have 1.8 million parents to support us.”

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“And then I realized that, we do have people,” she told LifeSiteNews. “We can use these people to be a mobile advertisement.”

PAO ordered 20,000 red car flags from China that read: “No to irresponsible sex ed.” Liu says she’s had people stopping her and asking “Where did you get those flags” and others who have been asked, “Can I buy a flag from you?”

Liu says PAO still has about 12,000 car flags left.

“We want each and every parent, if you are against this sex-education, if you have concerns, please, if you cannot go for the rally or you cannot do many other things, please take two flags, put it on your car,” she said.

“Protect your children when you are going for groceries, while you’re going to work.”

If there are 20,000 cars across Ontario displaying the flags, “we’re doing advertising every day,” Liu added. “No government can compete with us.”

Melanie Woo of PAO echoed this, telling LifeSiteNews in an email that “the voice of parents against the Kathleen Wynne’s sex ed are not being heard by the government or society, our protests are rarely reported by major media.”

But “we would like every one know: As parents, we won’t give up till our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed,” Woo stated.

HOWA’s Sodhi says he’s promoting this and other events on social media, and he’s “very much optimistic that parents will show up” and send a “message to the government that we are still alive.”

Both the PAO and HOWA Voice of Parents are members of the Canadian Families Alliance (CFA), an umbrella group of associations opposed to the sex-education curriculum.

Information on tomorrow’s rally and route is available here.