TORONTO, Mar 30 ( – Today’s news of the retirement from politics of Ontario Attorney General Charles Harnick was met with hopeful optimism by the pro-life movement. Mary-Ellen Douglas, President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) Ontario said “we can’t say we’re sorry to see he’s leaving.”

As Attorney General of Ontario it was Harnick’s decision to carry on the NDP originated court case against the 18 Ontario pro-lifers and the resulting “bubble-zone” injunction and imprisonment of Linda Gibbons. Despite over three years of province-wide lobbying against the injunction and even court decisions criticizing the “temporary” order, Harnick continued to defend it. Worse still,  he consistently responded to enquiries from fellow MPPS and the public on this matter with misleading and inaccurate statements about the injunction. “We counted on this government for justice for the 18 and it seemed Harnick was a stumbling block in that regard,” said Douglas.

For more on the case against the 18 see the Linda Gibbons Archive

Source: The Toronto Star