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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — After spending a year aggressively pushing the COVID shots on all Ontarians, chief medical officer Dr. Kieran Moore now says the province is taking a different tack with the experimental jabs.

“At present we are doing a risked-based approach,” Moore said at a press conference on Wednesday when asked why the province is not “recommending” a fourth COVID shot for all citizens.

“What’s the risk?” inquired a reporter, to which Moore answered, “There’s always a risk to having any therapeutic, versus a benefit.”

“You want to make sure there’s a very strong benefit versus a risk,” Moore explained. “For an 18-year-old healthy individual, the risk of getting hospitalized if you have no underlying medical illness is very, very low.”

“We know there is a risk, a very small risk, 1 in 5,000, that may get myocarditis, for example, and you’d have to have that discussion on the risk benefit of a complication from the vaccine versus a benefit of decrease hospitalization, for a young, healthy person,” the government-appointed physician added.

Moore’s comments, which directly contradict the goal of the now-scrapped vaccine passport system he helped implement that barred vaccine-free Ontarians age 12 and up from restaurants, bars, live venues and other locales, caused a firestorm on social media.

Listen to CMOH, Dr. Moore! If you’re young & healthy then balance the risk of hospitalization versus the risk of side effects such as myocarditis!” reacted Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Roman Baber. 

Really? Since when? This is what we’ve been saying all along. So many lives ruined! Shame on many of you,” the politician added.

If you’re at risk of heart issues like myocarditis in the last year, you’re just an egg to the government they’re willing to crack to make their omelette. You’re not a person to them, you’re a statistic,” chimed in Breitbart’s Chris Tomlinson. 

While mainstream media and government officials continued to ensure the public that the so-called vaccines were “safe,” LifeSiteNews produced extensive reports showing the potential harms of the shots, particularly the risk of myocarditis among young men.

One such report featured the Public Health of Ontario’s own data showing that over 100 young people age 12-24 were diagnosed with myocarditis or pericarditis after the shot in the first three months after the vaccine was rolled out for the age group.

Since then, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot is associated with a 133-times greater risk of heart inflammation for teenage boys, and another study from Nature put the figure for both the Moderna and Pfizer shots at 44 times.

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