TORONTO, August 1, 2003 ( – Paul Martin, whose sole opponent in the Liberal leadership race is Sheila Copps – virtually guaranteeing Martin the prime ministership next year—says his responsibilities as a legislator take precedence over his Catholic faith when it comes to recognizing homosexual marriage.  However, Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, president of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, responded to Martin in the press today calling him to account on his professed Catholic faith.  Martin, whom newspapers incorrectly describe as “a staunch Roman Catholic,” told reporters, “I am a practising Catholic and I have responsibilities as a legislator and those responsibilities must take in a wider perspective. … Obviously, it is an issue that is giving everyone great cause for thought. Obviously, there is a division within the country. On the other hand, the courts have spoken and government cannot discriminate.”  In an interview with the Globe and Mail Bishop Plouffe responded, “I don’t think a man can allow himself to be divided by his convictions. A politician cannot be totally schizophrenic. If he is, he is not being real. I would expect a Catholic politician would not push away his Catholic convictions because he’s a politician. I would expect him to be authentic.”  See the Globe and Mail coverage: