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KITCHENER, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — School trustee Wendy Ashby has announced her resignation after anti-Christian tweets led to outrage from more than 3,000 parents.

On Sunday, May 14, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) trustee issued a resignation statement. Parents had petitioned for her removal after a tweet surfaced wherein Ashby called white Christian males “the most dangerous creature on the planet.”

Ashby’s resignation did not include an apology for her tweets. She claimed that “the outrageous rage baiting campaign that has been playing out illustrates the exact kind of harassment and online bullying that so many kids experience.” 

The former Catholic school board trustee asserted that “diverse voices, when elected, come with truth and history.”

“Expecting these voices to assimilate because the historical truth they challenge makes some uncomfortable is something that should be reflected on,” she added.

“I have been encouraged to continue the internal process and remain in my duly elected seat by so many,” Ashby claimed. “I appreciate the support. It was overwhelming, and I know that most understand the historical context to which I was referring.”

“I stand, as always with our Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community,” she continued. “Particularly with transgender and nonbinary folks at this time of great uncertainty and fear.”

Teresa Pierre, president of Parents as First Educators (PAFE), told LifeSiteNews, “People like Wendy Ashby, who promote religious bigotry, hatred and racism are completely unsuited for public office. PAFE is glad that Ashby has finally resigned.”

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) president Jeff Gunnarson welcomed the news, saying, “CLC is delighted by this result, which demonstrates the effectiveness of principled protest by responsible parents and other fair-minded citizens.”

However, he expressed sorrow that Ashby’s resignation statement “continues to demonstrate just how much she abhors the teaching of the Catholic Church and Christian morality, and how profoundly delusional her view of human sexuality has become.”

“Sadly, there is no contrition from Ms. Ashby here, nor a desire to be conformed to Church’s moral doctrine, but only an implied threat to continue working by whatever means to undermine authentic Catholic Church teaching,” he continued.

“Perhaps the gravest threat in her resignation statement is her vow to keep pushing for the sexual mutilation of children under the veil of ‘transgender and nonbinary’ propaganda – truly, a sign of the cruel insanity that befalls people when they turn their back on the law of God,” Gunnarson stated.

Ashby’s anti-Christian sentiments came to light in mid-April when a tweet surfaced in which the trustee wrote, “The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male. They’re a threat to anyone that is not them.”

CLC followed with an online petition breaking down Ashby’s remarks and demanding her immediate removal from the school board.

In the now-viral video posted to Twitter by CLC, Rebel News reporter David Menzies can be seen asking board chair Tracey Weiler about Ashby’s tweets.

Menzies read aloud Ashby’s remarks vilifying white Christian males and asked, “Does this board condemn or approve this statement?”

No member of WCDSB answered. Instead, a moderator tried to shut Menzies down by warning him that “such behavior would result in your removal from this proceeding should it continue.”

As Menzies pushed for a response, supported by cheers from the crowd, the trustees gathered their belongings and left the room.

After the release of the viral video, WCDSB banned CLC and Rebel News from their next meeting and served CLC’s Myles Vosylius a legal trespassing notice reiterating the terms of his ban.