WATERLOO, ON, November 7, 2003 ( – The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) has refused to endorse four incumbent school board trustees in the Waterloo region due to their ties to Ontario’s only pro-life, pro-family political party – the Family Coalition Party (FCP).  The Association’s Waterloo Unit President Bill Brazeau responded to media inquiries as to why the incumbents were not endorsed saying, “Several candidates are supported or endorsed by individuals or groups that promote a voucher system of funding education.”  The candidates who were refused OECTA’s endorsement are all known to be strong pro-lifers, two of whom are outstanding pro-life priests.  Anneliese Steden, one of those not endorsed by OECTA, responded to a Cambridge Times article covering the controversy.  In her letter to the Cambridge Times, as yet unpublished, Steden points out that the FCP is Ontario’s only pro-life party.  “Its policies are firmly based on Christian principles,” says Steden.

Regarding the education funding question Steden says, “The education agenda of the FCP promotes the principles of school choice, which we as Catholics already enjoy.  Would we deny it to anyone else?”  Steden added, “My interest in the Catholic education system is not political, but faith based. I do not believe that my membership in the FCP contradicts the position of a Catholic Trustee.  In fact, I believe, the opposite to be true: my voting pattern is of a piece with my Catholic convictions.”  OECTA recently actively supported provincial Liberal party candidates who hold strong pro-abortion and anti-family views.  To express your concerns:  OECTA Unit President:  Bill Brazeau Address: 75 Allen St. East Waterloo, ON N2J 1J3 Telephone: (519) 744-8051 Fax: (519) 744-0911 E-Mail: [email protected] Website:   See LifeSite’s Ontario Municipal Election page listing supportable Catholic School trustee candidates