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LONDON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — An Ontario children’s hospital hosted a drag queen story hour that forced LGBT propaganda on sick children.

On July 20, young patients at the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre were exposed to drag performers — men dressed up in sexually grotesque female costumes who read them LGBT propaganda stories.

“To kick off Pride Week in London, Children’s Hospital at LHSC partnered with @Rainbow0ptimist to bring Drag Storytime to patients, families and staff where we spent the morning reading books that promoted acceptance, inclusion and diversity,” the children’s hospital tweeted.

During the event, Katu Azzya, calling himself Mz. Affra-Tighty, and another male performer known only by his stage name Lavender Skyes wore dresses, fake breasts, makeup, and wigs while they read to sick children and their families.

According to video footage posted by the hospital, the performers read the children, Twas The Night Before Pride, and led the children in singing “If you’re a drag queen and you know it … ”

Azzya claimed he enjoyed reading to children “because of the interaction, the clients, the children, passersby. Sometimes you get a really interesting look from someone, and they’re curious as to what’s going on. And then they come in, and they end up enjoying it with us.”

According to the hospital, Azzya has exposed children to drag queen story hours for about six years as part of the Rainbow Optimist Club, which runs LGBT children’s events across the province.

Azzaya has been performing as a drag queen for decades but only recently began performing for children. According to his Facebook account, Azzya has also participated in LGBT bingo fundraising events, including one entitled “B*tchy Drag Bag Big Box Bing & Go,” and another for youth called “B*tchy Drag Queen Bingo.”

The drag queen story hour phenomenon traces its 2015 origins to a collaboration between LGBT activist group RADAR Productions and radical feminist author Michelle Tea in San Francisco, LifeSiteNews previously reported.

“Drag queen story time” events, in which fully-grown men clad in garish makeup, wigs, and women’s clothing read books to small children, have since spread not just to Canada but globally as efforts to expose children to overtly sexual and pro-LGBT content have ramped up.

While many American lawmakers have introduced legislation to protect children from drag performers, Canadian children remain vulnerable to the attacks of LGBT activists, relying only on parents and concerned citizens to safeguard their innocence.

Indeed, Canadian officials seem intent on pushing LGBT propaganda on children as a Quebec school district was recently exposed for paying infamous drag queen performer Barbada de Barbades more than $1,000 in taxpayer money to attend a school conference.

As public backlash against exposing children to LGBT ideology grows, certain cities, including Calgary, Alberta, have opted to adopt bylaws banning the protests of such events.

LGBT activists also seem to be increasing their hostility toward those who oppose the trend.

Just recently in Calgary, pastor Derek Reimer was charged for protesting a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library. While he was in jail,  his van was vandalized with anti-Christian and Satanic messages.

In another recent incident, this time during a “Transgender Day of Visibility” rally in Vancouver, British Columbia, a peaceful protester, Canadian father Chris Elston, was grabbed by the throat by a trans activist, thrown to the ground and punched.