OTTAWA, March 1, 2005 ( – During the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s annual policy convention leader John Tory said the party would not drop “Progressive” from its title to reflect solidarity with the federal Conservative Party. 

Tory claimed the decision was to reflect the so-called “moderate” stance the Ontario PCs maintain, as compared to what he considers the right wing position of the national Conservative Party – which includes opposition to same-sex “marriage” legislation by a majority of federal Conservative MPs. 

Tory claimed the Ontario wing of the party is conservative, because of its fiscal views, but progressive in its social stand. The PC Party “has to welcome people into its ranks and have people feel comfortable with its policies from all walks of life, all regions of the province, all different kinds of backgrounds,” Tory maintained, as reported by the Toronto Star.

Experienced pro-life political leaders see Tory’s strategy as advocating restoration of the old PC/LIB shell game in which the two main parties are only slightly different versions of liberals who might exchange positions from one election to the next but support basically the same leftist policies. Ontarians have been denied the choice of a genuine conservative party for decades, including the two-term reign of the ruthless economic conservative only Harris Tories. 

Last week’s Bill 171 fiasco gave Ontarians a preview of what they can expect from the John Tory style of leadership of the PCs. All-party collusion on same-sex “marriage” saw the bill rammed through the Ontario legislature from introduction to final passage in only three days last week, with no significant debate and no opportunity for public input. Tory followed the usual top down strategy of his recent predecessors in demanding that his caucus go along with the undemocratic process and even deny voters a recorded vote on the historical bill. Unfortunately, most of the caucus once again cowardly went along with the scheme. 

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