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Ontario virologist and vaccinologist Dr. Byram BridleReal Truth Real News / Rumble

(LifeSiteNews) –– A Canadian vaccinologist known for speaking out against COVID jab mandates said that anyone in Ontario who was fired or not allowed to attend school because they chose not to get the COVID jabs should consider getting legal help to launch a wrongful dismissal case, in light of recent comments made by the province’s top doctor.  

In a blog post dated March 8, Dr. Byram Bridle, who is a virologist, vaccinologist, immunologist, and Associate Professor of Viral Immunology in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph, wrote that Dr. Kieran Moore, the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario, gave a “crystal clear response” saying there were never really vaccine “mandates” but instead it was a “policy.” 

Said Kieran Moore, while speaking on March 7 during a presentation at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, “From the government’s vantage point, when we asked, we asked for a vaccine policy.” 

“That policy, if, should have been to the point that if you don’t get vaccinated, they offer, whatever the policy was, they offer an alternate to the individual. So, if you couldn’t, if the school didn’t want you to come to the classroom at a university or college, then you would be allowed virtual,” said Moore. 

“So, so, our vantage point, we, we wanted it to, to, to be a policy framework rather than a mandate. And that we did not have a mandate in Ontario, from this government’s vantage point.” 

According to Bridle, Moore gave a “new version” of the COVID jab mandate message, “different from the one that he originally relayed some months ago in a much more carefully worded speech that seemed to give more leverage to institutions with respect to their COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ ‘policies’.” 

“This is the real message that comes out when faced with the harms that one’s previous messaging has done. It is also interesting in light of the government’s own mandate for members of the provincial parliament,” added Bridle.  

Bridle then urged anyone fired from their job or prevented from going to school to consider legal action in light of Moore’s comments. 

“I recommend that anyone who lost their job or were removed from a training program of any kind due to a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ mandate in Ontario consult with a lawyer about the potential to bring a wrongful dismissal case against your former employer/university/college,” said Bridle. 

“Show your lawyer your institution’s policy and then the footage above so they can place the policy into the context that was expected by the government of Ontario. Patience will be needed. Many lawyers are already chronically overloaded with these kinds of requests.” 

Bridle added that he has been an “expert witness” in many hearings for people being “dismissed by institutions due to their failure to comply with COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates for which no alternatives were presented to maintain employment or enrolment in training programs.” 

“These were not court cases, they were hearings arranged by the administrators of the institutions,” noted Bridle. 

“Students were not allowed to enroll in online learning to avoid mandates. In almost all cases, the administrators told those they were dismissing that the government of Ontario had asked them to implement a mandate, which I knew at the time was untrue, but these individuals would argue that my ‘opinion’ was wrong on this matter. Not once did I hear anyone say that the government asked for a mere policy (not mandate) to be implemented; I never heard them say that they were asked to provide alternative solutions. I know that some of these hearings were recorded.” 

Bridle said that for people living in Ontario, “The time has come for people who were responsible for the great harms to humanity over the past three years to be called out.” 

“And they need to be called out by MANY. Many voices can effect admissions of wrongdoing and, more importantly, can effect positive change to ensure the disaster of the past three years never happens again,” he added.  

Moore needs to ‘apologize’ and ‘resign’ for the ‘harm’ he caused

Bridle said Moore should “Promptly apologize to all those they harmed and coerced,” and then “Resign immediately.” 

“What really bothers me is, why didn’t Kieran Moore (and the mainstream media) make this recommendation from the government of Ontario crystal clear to all members of the public prior to any mandates having been implemented in the province,” wrote Bridle.  

“Shame on you Dr. Moore for not standing up for those who desperately needed you to clarify your expectations that nobody lose their jobs or education over a recommendation to get a COVID-19 jab!” 

Bridle added that in his opinion, every person fired from their job or removed from school for not going along with jab mandates should be “offered their positions again with full back-pay or substantial financial compensation packages for those who either cannot return or do not want to return to poisoned environments.” 

According to Bridle, Moore could have reached out to him, an expert, “who could have provided ample scientific evidence of valid concerns that would leave very few people questioning why these shots should not have been coerced, let alone mandated, on people.” 

“Institutions across Ontario have pointed the blame at the government’s recommendations. Clearly, however, these recommendations never promoted the concept of mandates. The government is pointing their finger at the institutions for being overzealous in their creations of ‘policies’ that rapidly morphed into mandates,” noted Bridle. 

The government of Ontario, under its pro-mandate and pro-lockdown Premier Doug Ford, like all Canadian provinces for a time mandated not only mask-wearing, but COVID shots for workers in healthcare and other government settings. Many Ontario universities mandated COVID shots for students and staff as well.

The mandates led to many lawsuits against governments and universities and other businesses Canada-wide.  

Last November, only days after telling Ontarians they should wear masks again, Moore was called out for “hypocrisy” after being filmed maskless at a packed party. 

All of these mandates were made despite the fact that COVID jab trials have never produced evidence that the vaccines stop infection or transmission and with experts like Dr. Peter McCullough warning that the shots carry significant risks. 

As reported by LifeSiteNews, worldwide data also shows there has been a large surge in what analysts and experts refer to as “excess deaths” compared to pre-COVID times. 

The data comes from Ireland, England, mainland Europe, America and Canada.