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Ontario Premier Doug Ford giving a press conference, September 22, 2021.Global News/YouTube screenshot

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – The Ontario government has extended its power to segregate citizens based on vaccination status, and to lockdown “non-essential” portions of society until the end of March 2022.

The emergency orders and associated powers laid out in the Reopening of Ontario Act (ROA) we set to expire on December 1, which could have meant that Ontarians could have been free to live in a manner that they did before the pandemic was declared.

The extension was approved after Motion 8 by Solicitor General Sylvia Jones was passed at Queen’s Park on Tuesday.

Currently under the emergency powers, vaccine segregation measures have been implemented, and unvaccinated citizens are barred from participating in the fullness of public life. Ontarians who have not taken an experimental abortion-tainted jab – which have been shown to not stop transmission of COVID – are not allowed to eat in restaurants, visit loved ones in hospitals in most cases, or utilize gyms.

Independent Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Roman Baber – who was ousted from the Progressive Conservative Party for opposing lockdowns – tweeted that it was “unbelievable [that the] Ontario NDP didn’t oppose” the reigning government’s extension.

Baber, along with independent MPPs Rick Nicholls and Lindsey Park, requested a vote on the extension, but five MPPs must stand for a vote on a motion in order for a vote to take place.

New Blue MPP Belinda Karahalios was not allowed to enter parliament after testing positive for COVID. Since she has not divulged her vaccination status to the government, Karahalios is required to undergo frequent testing in order to enter her place of work and advocate on behalf of the constituents who elected her to public office.

She told LifeSiteNews: “The Ford PCs had a deal in place with the NDP, Liberals, and a couple of independent MPPs, to not have their votes recorded on Motion 8 extending the provisions of Bill 195.  It takes [five] MPPs to force a recorded vote – only three stood. Had I been not barred from attending, and had Randy Hillier not continued in his deal with the Ford PCs to skip work for a year so that he could act as controlled opposition to the Ontario government, we might have been able to force a recorded vote.”

Karahalios was kicked out of the Progressive Conservative Party caucus last year for opposing the initial instantiation of the Reopening of Ontario Act, which she described in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews as “government overreach.”

Karahalios and her husband Jim Karahalios have since started the New Blue Party of Ontario, which offers a “blue” (conservative) alternative for Ontarians.

Jim Karahalios has been outspoken in his criticism of Premier Doug Ford’s government, telling LifeSiteNews that Doug Ford’s deceased brother – former Toronto mayor Rob Ford – described the current premier as a “pinko,” referring to communist political leanings.

Jim Karahalios told LifeSiteNews that “the Ford PCs govern by deception and secret backroom deals,” and, “that is why Belinda and I, with the support of thousands of members and donors, have started the New Blue Party of Ontario – we need one party in Ontario that will stand on principle.”

The Ontario government has intimated that it plans to lift all current lockdown measures by the end of March 2022. If the government does not flip-flop on its current plan, vaccine segregation measures could be halted for locations such as gyms and restaurants as early as January 17, 2022.

The government plan would see all remaining public health and workplace “safety measures” lifted – included mask mandates – from March 28, 2022, onwards. At this time, the ROA would be revoked.

Some Ontarians are skeptical that the government will follow the framework it has set out for itself, as it has already walked back one of its benchmarks of reopening. According to the framework, Ontarians were supposed to see capacity limits lifted in “remaining high-risk” settings where medical segregation is enforced. That was delayed by at least 28 days.

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