Fri Oct 8, 1999 - 12:15 pm EST

TORONTO, Oct 8 ( - In a late-September ruling, an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal found a Christian family printing company owner guilty of discrimination for his unwillingness to print homosexualist propaganda for the Lesbian and Gay Archives. In arguments before the tribunal in June, Scott Brockie made it clear that his refusal to print the material was not based on the homosexual nature of the group but on the material that promoted homosexuality and thus was in violation of his religious convictions. 

The case was launched over an incident some four years ago when homosexualist activist Ray Brillinger, a worker for the Gay and Lesbian Archive, complained to the Ontario Human Rights Commission after Brockie refused to publish the offensive material. 

Although the tribunal has ruled, four days of Constitutional hearings are scheduled for late October/early November to address the issue of ‘whose rights take precedence’. Brockie plans to appeal the ruling to the general courts. 

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